Possible fundraiser for Team 116?

Like most FIRST teams, team 116 is always trying to come up with new ways to raise money. Our latest idea was something I wanted to run by you first to sort of see what kind of interest there would be… While reading through the thread about who people would like to meet at Nationals, I noticed almost everyone said Dave Lavery. Therefore, on behalf of team 116, I would like to see how many people would be interested in a Dave calendar…

I guess it’s only fair that I give you some samples:

October easy enough to explain, Halloween.

May ahhh… Cinco de Mayo… it’s fun, it’s festive…

July the good ol’ red, white and blue… good colors for Dave, no?

March in honor of the anniversary of the first Dave says “That’s Pimp!” button, March is a particular favorite of mine.

Of course, we still have to get Dave’s agreement on this calendar… do you think he’ll say yes? For those few of you who worry about my safety, rest assured, I’ll be safely out of town this weekend.


…and for those of you who worry about my sanity… too late.

A calendar is a great idea! You could do a “Memorable Moments in FIRST” calendar or “Inspirational FIRST People” (Dave, Dean, Woodie).

Will there be a Dave centerfold? Ooh la la.

And January/February will be amusing outtakes from the build season I imagine? I can hardly wait … sign me up.

(I leave the pits for a second, and by the time I come back, who should have signed a message on our robot but Mr. Lavery? Oh well, it caused us to win the Imagery award at SC!)

I looked at that during a lecture…bad idea

I just started laughing and everyone turned and looked at me :stuck_out_tongue:

Good stuff though!

Maybe we’ll soon see Easter Bunny Dave for April, Pilgrim Dave for November, or Santa Dave for December :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d by one for myself, and a few for the grandparents! :] Hillarious pictures of Dave there

ooooooooooo and then try and get some signed Dave calendars and auction them off. That would bring in some good money.

I can just imagine Heidi photoshopping Dave up in a pink bunny suit, similar to Ralphy in “A Christmas Story”. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Very cool idea…(is already looking forward to seeing if the calendar happens)

Hahaha, I would definitely buy one!!

Maybe you could hand out a comemorative “Dave says ‘That’s Pimp’” button to the first 30 customers or something! :yikes:

How about if I just pay you NOT to do it???

-dave (off in the corner, sniveling, and wondering where everything went so horribly wrong)

Sometime right around when you used your KK Carboard Car. Yeah, I think it’s that. Since that it just fell apart.

Personally, I’d love to see a Dave calander.

Wow. I’ve always said it’s gone to far when a grown man snivels. But since I haven’t actually seen you snivel yet…

Maybe we’ll soon see Easter Bunny Dave for April

I can just imagine Heidi photoshopping Dave up in a pink bunny suit, similar to Ralphy in “A Christmas Story”.

I haven’t checked a calendar yet to see if Easter is even in April next year, so I have a back-up, just in case:

April #1


April #2


almost feeling guilty

Come on Dave…be a good sport for the team. We all know you like to wear pink anyways…you can’t dislike team 233 can you?

For January…Dave with his rover…in Marvin the martian’s suit?

Heidi you never cease to amaze me! You’re such a riot, I think this calandar could be great… you might could try adding great dave quotes, for instance his amazing sauce theory. :slight_smile: lol


I personally wanted to do a “Hunks of 710” calendar (with speedos and the whole bit) a while back, but your idea is definately a lot more… kosher. Plus, I’m sure more people would pay to see Dave in a bunny suit than Stud Man Dan in a speedo… :wink:

I think March should be Dave in a Lepricon Suit, and “That’s Pimp” should be a life-size poster (or cardboard cutout, sweet!)

November is all about Dave in a Turkey suit. :smiley:

I’d definitely buy one…but I dont know how much money you plan on making off of this, seeing as though the market is active FIRSTers (aka ones who like to make fun of Dave on a regular basis, not the people who know Dave as the guy standing next to Dean and Woodie) and people at NASA (and maybe some people who watch the Amazing Dave Cam). Plus, you can’t sell at events, so it would have to be online sales.

But I love it :slight_smile:

I totally dig Dave Lavery (a man with near god-like status in the FIRST community) wearing a PINK bunny suit. It would be nice to top it off with either one of our famous, “THINK PINK” pins, or “Real Men Wear PINK!” Sexy… kinda. :wink:

Dude, my whole entire team would buy Dave calendars…And then some more, for the crazy people at school who enjoy crazy photoshopped images.