Possible game hint?

Looking at pictures posted on Facebook of the KoP at FedEx being put together. I saw what appers to be solo cups of blue and green in the back. That can only mean one thing. watergame

It is a bit blurry because I had to zoom in

Could you post the original image?

Based on what I understand FIRST’s policy to be about releasing Game Hints, the only ones to be released have already been (it was solved rather quickly, too), I don’t think this is of any concern. First tells you when they release something, whether it’s a game hint or not.

For example, someone found a picture of rick astley on usfirst.org last year, but in the end Frank commented on FRC Blogged post about the game hint(An encrypted poem) that rick astley was a red herring; only his blog post actually had any significance.

I wouldn’t say this is an official game hint, but more of a possible “leak” in that FIRST released pictures FedEx took at the kit packaging facility and he noticed something in the background blurred.

Either way we will find out in due time… just be patient kids!

Let’s change

In Due Time
to Tomorrow :smiley:

I can’t wait till tomorrow! :smiley:

Is that multi colored solo cups in the background? Stacking game!


I think SOLO cups will fare a bit worse than foam basketballs and frisbees under the control of 120lb (or will it be 90lb) robots.


There might be some issues with that. Just sayin’…

Not sure that last part is accurate. They had to dumb it down so we could solve it.

Obviously the teams with the most mentors over 21 will fare the best, per surrogate drinker beer pong rules.

I ran the image through a deblur program but couldn’t tease out much more detail. http://i.imgur.com/sZYrK14.jpg

Clearly those are just parts of the larger gamepiece, which will probably resemble something like this.

The rims of those cups appear to be reflecting a bit of light, which tells me they are possibly made out of aluminum or other metal, not plastic.

Of course, only getting a few select wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum doesn’t help us much.

Can we ask FIRST to send out a multispectral image from this same spot, that could help us reveal the material properties of those cups?? Shortwave IR as well as UV would help.


Here is the new picture that they released. Looks like they took down the other one…due to the ability to see the game pieces??

That’s from the FedEx facebook page. The picture in the OP was (and still is) posted by the FIRST Facebook page, and is still there

I dunno, something’s not quite right.

The “full picture” shows red coils of (wire?) in the foreground, but the snippet in the OP shows several coils of (wire, hose, etc - NOT just red wire…).

Point is, the OP snippet is not a part of the second image.

I smell herring.

Guys, it’s clearly a game hint! I predict that this year, we will be required to use wires to connect the electrical systems together, and maybe control a robot.