Possible game hint

This just out

So… football pizza water game with minibots and megabots? :rolleyes:

and flying

It’s finally here…

FRC Gundam Fight!

So this means the field would be how big?

P.S. What was that show that had big robots battling? It wasn’t BattleBots, the ones I’m thinking of were bigger…

Robot Combat League?

If I’m not mistaken, there’s a challenge between a U.S. team and a team somewhere in Asia (Japan?) to build–and fight–"mecha"s. This seems to be a mecha. Dave Lavery happens to be a supporter if not a team member of the U.S. team.

At least, as of my recollection of a couple years back. There’s a thread somewhere.

I want this, but at the same time I don’t, because then we throw the budget out the window.

IFI teams will be at a distinct advantage since Vex Pro will just give them metal gears.


Before the Real Steel movie, there was Gigantor a TV cartoon.

Real Steel


Megabots Inc.

Ha jokes on you Frank. That is proof you built it pre season and therefore can’t be used this year. Read the rules man…

Please, NO more Minibots ! Lets focus on the main BOT please to win games.

Minibots? How about microbots? It’ll be faster fixing up the robot is it happens there on the field.