Possible Game Hint

Hey, I was reading lifehacker today, and I came across their featured desktop…tell me something…odd about it.

Do you see that GDC folder? It’s from an anonymous poster. Is it a possible game hint? I don’t know, but maybe a thought…the ? in the box makes it a bit more interesting. And what’s with that primary folder?

I don’t know, that’s just my thoughts, anyone have any input?

Original post is here:

There are only official game hints emailed to teams by FIRST. All others are pure speculation caused by anxiousness. Plus it is too early for anything. I suggest you take this time to just relax for a while.


Nice catch, but it’s more likely the Game Developer’s Conference.

Are there any GDC members still in college?

Beware of the Ides of May.

True, but it’s a gaming related desktop, so I figured it made sense. Maybe it’s a photo album or something?

That or we have to build a Guitar Hero playing robot for 2010.

Going to have to agree with you because of the iPhone projects folder there. The designer could easily be into making games.

actually Beware the IDEAS of May

Dang, I wish I’d gotten a better look at the NI guitar hero bot!


Boy, I wonder if any of the GDC members use OSX… :wink:

Although I doubt it’s a game hint, it would still be cool to have a Super Mario Bros. themed FRC game.

And maybe we’d have vex-sized robots with a 120 weight limit :wink: And we’d have a scrolling board to avoid pits and moving things. Autonomous would be fun.

Something that will interest some of you.