Possible Game Pieces

What are possible game pieces for next year and how would you control that piece?

Bowling Pins?
T-shirts or another similarly amorphous object?

    • on second thought, horrible idea for cleanup. scratch that.

Dump that would be more appropriate. :wink:

Sand will never be used in an FRC game. It’s not that it is hard to clan up, it’s that some already good teams will have a HUGE advantage while other teams will have as much trouble finding it easily as some teams have while trying to find pool noodles in the dead of winter.


Hardware store garden centers. I’ve been to ones in MA, FL, and IN, and I’ve always seen play sand no matter what time of year. It would be an interesting surface to use in a game, but thats a discussion for a different thread.

Beat me to it… Frisbee shooting robots would be incredible. In Platteville, we have a disc golf course… which would make for a great excuse to play more.