Possible Mentors Looking for a Team

I am currently a student at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. Myself and other students are interested in mentoring a local team for the 2006 season. While I have been researching teams which might be possible candidates I’ve been having difficulty finding their contact information. Most of these teams are going to be rookies and have yet to establish a website, forum, etc. I was wondering if anyone knew of any resources (other then the map on usfirst.org) in which I could find contact information for teams in New Jersey and New York. Any advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Have you attempted to Google the primary high schools of the teams listed in NY/NJ?

I am not sure what teams you are looking for, here is a Gmail List of team contacts.

If they are local enough, can you just go to their high school and ask? If you know who sponsors them, can you go to the sponsor’s website and send and email, or make a phone call?
Have you searched CD “members” list to see if there is anyone from those teams registered here? Then you can PM or email them directly (if they are active).
You might also just ask on CD if anyone has a contact for specific teams and to PM it to you. There’s got to be someone on here that has contacts for the teams you’re looking at.

Otherwise, you might go to the volunteers section of usfirst.org and find a FIRST contact. Send an email stating your objective, and perhaps FIRST can contact those teams and ask them to contact you. Or perhaps FIRST can get in touch with their regional director who many have local team contacts.
Those are just a few ideas that might work.

The FIRST Senior Mentors for those areas might be able to help.

Paul Kloberg is the Senior Mentor in NJ:

I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.

how does Rutherford sound?

Email Paul K or I and we can talk a bit.

WC :cool:

What’s the auto situation? I’m a Stevens Grad (1998), so I know that transportation can be a problem. There are a pair of new teams in Newark. And one in Paterson. You may be able to get to them via bus or NT Transit.