Possible problems to a water game

I want to know what you guys think could be an issue in a water game in FIRST. I think a water game with actual water could be very difficult for new or poor teams due to the need to water proof your robot.

Electrocution could be a concern.

Needing to install a pool at every event venue. You think field setup is a pain now? Try setting up a clear waterproof above-ground pool that can withstand robots beating on its walls in two days. And you better set it up perfectly the first time, or you just flooded some poor high school’s gym. Lord help any small offseason events.

Not even just at event venues. Teams need a place to test their robots and many teams don’t have access to a pool. And right now, FRC has a relativity low cost of failure. If your robot gets in a bad collision, something bends. Meh. If it happens under water and it ruptures your outside case, that’s the entire cost of your control system that just went down the drain. Also potential for fire.

But I think Ed said it best.

Transparent Aluminum, that’s the ticket, laddie. :wink:

We will have to wait until the cost goes down, a lot.

Water is very heavy as well, so even IF we get a perfect field that will never leak and flood the venue, the floor will not even be able to support the weight of the water.

Maybe if there was an inch of water the robots had to tread through?

Are we trying to contain a pair of whales here?

So what you’re saying is…Drone game confirmed?

Introducing FIRST Delivery Dash!
First team to deliver Dean his notes with a drone wins!

Have we decided to play the game of “How many Kamens can we hit in the face with a game object?” Cuz I don’t want to play that game.

I think 1519 wins that game

Between that and Libby taking a frisbee in 2013… That’s the joke.

1519 WAAAAYYYYY ahead of ya

I literally walk to my next class and 2 people beat me to posting the video

The problem with the water game will be the water. And the game. Probably just the entire water game.

The robots would float anyway if they continue to use pool noodle bumpers. A few inches of water should work! ::ouch::

My team prepared for the water game in our CAD this year! We messed up when adding bumpers to our model, shortly after build season started, and when we (the CAD team) hid them to get them out of our way once the frame was established, we forgot to remove them when we calculated our weight. With SolidWorks, we set the bumpers to solid aluminum, making our robot a ridiculous weight and us all freaking out about why everything was so heavy in our final CAD model. Aluminum bumpers will come in handy for a water game

The biggest problem would be that the Cheesy Poofs would become the Soggy Poofs, and no one wants a soggy poof!

I could see the use of an ‘optional’ water feature. Sort of like in Stronghold where you could decide to go under the low-bar or do the ramparts.

There could be a baby-pool full of water that you could choose to traverse or instead you have to cross a different obstacle.

Or robots that shoot water at each other with supersoaker-type guns might work. A very limited amount of water per robot. Each 'bot has a tissue suspended between two arms. If you tore the tissue in two, you’d score. Would be fun. I think?

Also as for shooting water, thought of doing that for a spirit robot at high school sport-games, to soak the crowd. Would only work during hot summer games like baseball. Or swim.

I refuse to ref a water game. You DON’T want to see me in a Speedo.

How about if we put the question box at the bottom of the pool?

Maybe if we look at it from a different direction.
Add in all the speculation of next years game.
How do we get rid of some of the safety, still have water, and be silly?

So did someone say:
and water game?