Possible Team 60 Competition in Arizona

Just a question. If Team 60, in Kingman Arizona, were to put on a September Competition using the field and rules of FIRST Frenzy would any teams come to it? We are wondering because we are thinking about building a complete field including electronics to have a September competition and we want to know if people would come before we go crazy spending a ton of time planning an event. It could be one or two days and we do not know how much it might cost yet. We are coming up with an initial idea.

Team 60

You dont have to build the field and/ or electronics. We, the IRI, rent the field from FIRST. There are some special forms and processes that you have to go through, but it is a lot easier for us to just have the official field shipped to our facility and assemble it, than having to spend our resources to pay for building a whole field when it is not necessary. Send an email to your team contact for FIRST or Jason Morella. I’m sure they’d be willing to help get all of the field pieces and electronics that you would need.

Woah, I just found this post burried in the archives. I would love for my team to go, we’ll talk when I get back to Microchip Masters, happening right now while I babysit my sister.

Put Team 980 on the list. There is no way that we would miss an event put on by Team 60. (A lot of teams have helped us over the years, but Team 60 is at the top of that list.)

Besides, we have wanted to partner with you in a match (just one match) for 3 years. This could be it.