Possible to Import tba data into google sheet?

Is it possible to automatically import thebluealliance.com data straight into a google docs spread sheet? I’m just trying to make a creative scouting and strategy method for our team. Thank You!

What data are you looking to import?

Also, if you don’t mind my asking, are you opposed to using someone else’s application for your scouting, or would you prefer to have one all your own?

What teams are playing what matches in a regional would be the priority. And I would LOVE to use someone else’s application. But I haven’t found one that has global sync through a online database (not bluetooth). I found one where I would have to use my own database, and that isn’t a possibility. If you have an suggestions, please let me know.

I know that FRC Spyder (phone app) usually updates with match schedules as they come out at each event, as well as TBA updates.

I have been creating a scouting database myself (I have no team, I’m just a volunteer), where the database is global and online through the web. I’m also willing to add things where there is information that people would like to have included.

I’m currently working on adding two features, and should be updating the whole thing tonight, but it’s already live at http://frcstats.org:8000/home/

COOL! Any chance i can get the source files? Or do you want to keep it private? Don’t worry I won’t publish your work for my own benefit! :smiley:

Oh, I’ve got it all up on my github here: https://github.com/alicen6/first_robotics
Nothing it private at all really, totally open! And if you have any suggestions for features you’d like added, feel free to add an issue on github or send me a PM! :slight_smile: