Post a link to your safety animation here!

We made the deadline (barely). This is our entry:

Here’s ours

Hope everyone has a safe season!

Here’s ours!

I’m really impressed with this submission by our team - 5406 “CeltX”. As a rookie team, we had only a few weeks between formalizing our team and the submission deadline. None of our students were animation experts, and only one student had any design skill :slight_smile: Despite that, The Adventures of Safety Girl looks pretty sweet. Go CeltX!

I am super impressed by everyone’s submissions each year in animations and this year is no different. Team 3885 was lucky enough to have a group of students that embraced animation this year which allowed us to put out our first animation ever. I was really proud of our kids since our team’s mentors have zero experience in animation.

Here’s Team 4’s submission!

This is team 3138 first ever safety animation. This group of students did an amazing job. We are very proud of them.

Here is team 2614 (Mountaineer Area RoboticS)'s 2015 safety animation. In our opinion, it’s the best one we’ve made yet!


Our team has thrown around the idea of making an animation. Since none of us have experience, we’d probably end up using Source Film Maker… That would end with a lot of explosions xD

If your team ever gets into it, I’d love to help you guys out if you’re lost. Shoot me an email at

Never actually got to turn ours in because of conflict with the Officers and miscommunication. I did the work, so why not show it somewhere?

TechTigers 3654 Safety Video Submission (Long Version ) -

ThunderBolts 2630 - 2015 Safety Animation:

Team 830, the RatPack’s.
I was quite impressed by the guys who made this video, especially as it wasn’t certain we were going to the meet the deadline. Also lego stop action is great, I want to see more of that.

Wow, Everyone’s are really amazing!

This is ours!