Post a link to your Safety Animation

Team 342 Autodesk Safety Animation

This version is a few seconds longer than our “official” entry. We extended the title page & added the credits at the end.

Hi everyone!
Here is Team 75’s FIRST Safety Animation

Here are some pre-renders

Many of the animations submitted are very unique. i admire team 1573’s animation; their character animation is so good. Good Job!

Good Luck animators!

I love the textures and lighting.
Great work!

You guys tackled alot in your 30 seconds.
Nice job.

Where can I view the animations that haven’t been posted here yet? I know there is a site that they have all been submitted to, but I don’t have anything to do with the animations, so I don’t know where to look.

All teams submit their animation to:

You can find the submissions under Student Upload Area / Deposit Final Entries.

enjoy :slight_smile:

Some of the video posted on Buzzsaw are massive - 50-200Mb. I was hoping many teams have smaller (WMV, MPG, RM) videos on their web sites.

They could be found, if we had the login. :rolleyes:

Login: (public)
Password: there is none