Post-bag traditions

Do you have any post-bag traditions? Our team plays frisbee in the parking lot after everything is cleaned up.

Levels. That’s all.

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2643 Ice Cream Sundaes - only after the kids clean up, return tools, sweep, and vacuum, already underway…

… that turned into a whipped-cream fight, which they had the sense to do outdoors.

Take pictures, go home and sleep.


Go home. Introduce myself to my wife.


Complaining about everything we could get done if the robot wasn’t in a bag 10 feet away from us.


Remember that we don’t need to bag a battery…


Go home and sleep.

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We all drink Mexican sodas and De-stress (for a day).
Of course then we spend the next 30 minutes cleaning up after the rush to get a working comp bot in the bag😂

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Or bumpers! Been caught by that one a few times…

Go home and cry about how much work we still have to do using withholding allowance :cry:

Always seems like every year

We cry for a few moments and lament the fact that the robot is not completed.
Then we bag it, then take some photos.
This year we lightened up the mood by shaking apple cider bottles and spraying them around

Every year since I’ve been on the team, we’ve gone to In N Out and shared a meal together. Sad to see bag day go, though I hope this tradition lives on in some form or another.

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