Post Competitive Season Evaluation Form

Happy Sunday, do any teams out there have a Student Eval form for after the competitive season? If so can you please share? Thanks in advance!

Not that I have either, but are you looking for forms for the students to evaluate their experience, or mentors/coaches to evaluate students?

Mentors to evaluate students. Show each their strengths and weaknesses. Similar to those that the public sector uses for job evaluations.

I think the focus should be on goal-setting and improving specific skills, not strengths and weaknesses (which is often more abstract and hard to make actionable).

For each student you do this with, jot down ahead of time some things you think they did well and some things you’d like to see them improve on. When you meet with them, start by asking them what they think they did well at and what they want to improve on. Respond to what they say (don’t be afraid to contradict them if you disagree), and then add anything you jotted down that they didn’t come up with. Finish the conversation by agreeing on a couple measurable goals, and make it clear that you and the other mentors are here to support them in meeting those goals. Check in on those goals throughout the next year.

I’ve never done this on a large scale, but there have been years I’ve done this with one or two student leads to help them improve or stay on track. Over the course of two years of doing this with one pit crew lead after every competition, I saw massive improvement in not only the way he fulfilled his responsibilities and dealt with obstacles and stress, but his ability to accurately reflect on how things went and see all the good and bad things that I saw.

I think filling out eval forms and handing them out is of limited value, especially an eval form made by someone else (although of course YMMV). Think about what your goals are in evaluating your students, and what you hope they’ll get out of it. Then design a form or other evaluation method to meet those goals.

I recall that @Allison_K and @AllenGregoryIV both have post season feedback forms for their students. (Posting just to tag them so they see this thread)

We do it as an evaluation that each student sends us, and then I try to talk to each student (that part hasn’t worked well but I’m planning to do it in the summer this year for it to be after finals)

Here is a copy of the form I sent out this year.

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