Post links to your animation:2007

Need a new one for this year:
Here’s ours.

and now we remove our animation from its lock. We had this finished by jan. 17th but we kept it under lock and key for all this time. Enjoy

Team’s 1625 animation entry for 2007

The freshmen did the animation of the character Boxy in the credits.

Hey, that was really awesome. How did that tree at the beginning grow? I stared at it with awe and had to replay it several times. The colored ground was really trippy when it was expanding. How on earth did that happen?

I agree, that colored ground was pretty trippy. It reminded me of something out of Willy Wonka, except that the trees didn’t look as tasty.

How did you do the tree? Did it involve multiple objects, splines, rigging, or something?

I’ll have my animation up by Friday.

Here is ours,

Heh, now I figured out every last bit of your animation Pete. Very nice.

I like it! Well-crafted, simple, and to-the-point. It does sound like we’re bouncing a basketball on our way to the window though.

Okay, I’m a rookie on a rookie team, so this may be painful, but here is our animation

610’s animation

Heres ours. (h.264, high quality)

Our lead animator is asleep. Very asleep.

Here’s Madera’s

HOLY COW!!! How long did that take you!!! Look at those textures!! Wow, I must say im very impressed. Your attention to detail is surpreme, the buildings, the grass and trees, even the coke cans in the recycle bin all look amazing! All this created by one guy. Wow, I want to meet jacob.

I like the animations I saw but I would like to request that those of you who posted them on youtube and google video would post an alternative site that won’t be blocked by many servers.

I know how that goes. Though, it doesn’t help that the ones that aren’t blocked use a codec that our computers can’t read… :frowning:

Download quicktime alternative, it contains the h.264 codec.

Blocked? You can’t h4X0r around teh filter? :wink:

I like Team 114’s animation. The apocalypse-style buildings are pretty cool. Will this “Jacob” be at Nationals? We need to schedule an animator meeting this year.

Hallo! I’m jacob, from team 114. Glad you like our animation! Sadly, we wont be going to nationals. We’ll be at Sillicon Valley, Pacific Northwest, and Sacramento/Davis.

Busy checking out the other animations in this thread. Congrats, all!

I especially loved this animation, but I congratulate all of you on finishing. Our team was busy making the website so we aren’t going to do one this year. We’re a first year team so we didn’t quite know what we were doing.:smiley:

I must say that my favorite work was Jacob/ dinkydog’s. I really love your work and it is clear you spent a lot of time and took great care to make everything perfect. I also want to give some praise to Peter Casey/ BudyB309 your animation was also very well done. I hope as a newbe I can be as good as you guys someday.

Here’s Team 383’s Animation
We hope that you like it! I liked the animations I saw so far.
Good luck everyone!

Loved it, good smoke and theme.