Post links to your animation:2007

beautiful work! just one thing…
:ahh: why does he throw his can in the garbage?!?!

Yes, the entire point of the animation is that a small action like properly disposing your garbage can avoid much bigger consequences, consequences that sometimes may even be unforeseen. If everyone did one small thing like that everyday, we’ll all be much better off in the future.

Though it’s not really my area, I think the team has really put up a spectacular work this year. The entire team came up with the concept through multiple brainstorms (sometimes better than robot brainstorms, in terms of quantity and quality of ideas) and the animation team transformed the concept into reality, given their possibilities within time and computational resources (the render times… :ahh:.).

Of course, we always produce a bootleg version with some easter egg. This year, we left it in the credits. Fire! :smiley:

Acutually, we might be going to nationals if we win a regional.

Or some animators that really want to meet him chip in to buy him a plane ticket. :wink:

Even though their team did not go to Atlanta last year, a few of their members (including the animation team) went after their three regional animation wins, so that’s a distinct possibility

On topic:

114: great job once again, I see some more regional awards in your future

383: Holy cow, that’s one well put together animation! I love the heartbeat theme.

1625: wow, just wow…that’s impressive to say the least. Looks promising!

Good luck to all!

how come in 383s animation there is a tire floating down the stream? i dont think it would have come out of the pipes.

hhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha :smiley:
good question!

Oh come on, its never pollution in the water untill there is a tire floating in the water. Take a look at every cartoon that shows pollution in water and you will find the trade mark floating tire.

more on team 383’s animation: Good job takeling the human hand. That is one object that most people fear, me especialy. (and i call myself a character animator :ahh:). However the movement when the person throws the can into the garbage is a little slow and robotic almost. Is it still suppose to be slow motion or it just came out that way?

Oh yeah and one more thing. I’ve been trying to tackle smoke for quite some time. How did you do your smoke? I want to learn different techniques in doing smoke. I know its with particle effects but what are the settings?

The land fill is cool too. what picture did you use as the texture? And the garbage bags at the end are sweet.

All around good job.

oh, yeah and hey i did this yesterday if anybody want to view it. Its not part of the AVA award but i was just testing out my character rig. enjoy

a tire floating in water is classic!

now the answers:
1 - no, it’s not slow motion, we had a lot of problems animating the hand… its very hard to do something realistic…
2 - i will ask the guy who made the smoke for know the settings :slight_smile:
3 - the land fill texture is a mix of random pics of garbage (or other things) with some opacity maps…

thanks for the compliments! and nice rabbit… lol :smiley:

This is 1596’s contribution to the animations. “Pollution’s not fun” on Google Video](

Wow, I’ve seen some very nice animations so far this year.
Here’s ours: Green Energy - Team 830
We had some technical difficulties towards the end with compiling all our scenes and didn’t have time to add the voiceover, which would’ve helped tie it together a bit better.

Team 1747’s Animation Submission:

I couldn’t find the final version to upload. It’s somewhere in the jumble of drives and other data storage things. The final version doesn’t include the stupid ending clip of myself and a freshman making fools out of ourselves.

Hey, Pete, your animation reminds me of another great animation I found ages ago. I love it when people use these fresh colors. Like the vivera ink marketing campaign. It’s so powerful and striking.

That’s Lemon Jelly! I love Lemon Jelly! I’m not sure if anybody I know has ever even heard of them.

(i.e. that’s a music video of “Nice Weather for Ducks” by Lemon Jelly…they should really acknowledge it on that website. )

hey Ryo, your animatin was great but you being the only other character animator I know in the whole robotics community i have to point out a few things.

I like the use of the people its just some of their movements seemed a little slow. You need more emphasis on anticipation. Like a slight down movement whent the character looks at something else. When he gets a bright Ideat you should make him jump a little. But really good concept. Your the only animation, other than ours, that tried to explain the “think green” theme through something else other than showing the most obvious ways. (showing earth, energy efficiant power, pollution, ect.)

Also make sure to use full use of squash and strech;) I think the bricks would have looked better if they squashed a little when they landed.

I dont want to sound like Im ripping apart your animation. I just giveing advice from one character animator to the next :wink:

Unfortunately we can’t do that either thanks to the lovely administrative restrictions that the district has set… we are unable to install anything on our PCs at school. :frowning:

Team 20’s animation. It’s not too amazing, but it’s light years ahead of last year’s.

Advice rocks. Without it, no one would go anywhere. Yes, many improvements there are. Have to practice more. Have to do many tutorials on shape keys and such.

Thank you very much for the comments.

And that Ducks animation! Thank you worldbringer for letting me know where the animation came from. Now, my soul can rest in peace.

I am slightly confused by this quote.

It was a reference to post 33.

One thing I found helpful was the tutorial about making cigarette smoke. Just modify the settings in that one to get what you want.

Here’s Team 1732’s animation. (The one on the left is the storyboard, on the right is the animation). Sorry, it might take some time to download.

It’s not quite the level of some of the animations posted here, but we’re all still learning the program (I’m a sophomore, and am the only one on the animation team whose used the program before…). I kinda like it though.