Post Links to your Animation: 2008

Post links to your team’s animation for 2008.

Team 701’s animation (our first year):
wish you guys the best of luck!

Very nice!

Here’s 1726’s entry:

I don’t have the link to the actual animation but here is the link to Team 1625’s Most Extravagant Credits EVER!

I WANT ONE! Actually, I’d take two… :slight_smile:

Glad to see that another team’s invention/idea is as reasonable as ours.:wink:

Team 847 PHRED Animation Here
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Philomath High School

oooo, a laser:D Nice animation. I think I’ll have one of our animators post ours up later.

Here is 1625’s animation:

There are some really neat animations here… i love them all.

You put more work into the credits than I have seen in some entries:yikes:

Well, here’s 342’s entry


well, our lone animator decided on rendering in HD…only 190 hours left (no kidding either)

Thats because I’ve been working on those credits since October. I had the idea last April to do a dancing Ted Boardman for the credits.

Ours isn’t online yet, but it will be… something tells me just a few of these animations were A. not done entirely in 3Ds MAX and B. somewhat silly maybe?

now I wish ours hadn’t been so serious… plus crappy, I only spent 8 hours on it, and we didn’t even use my charactor… that’s what happens if you get into building the bot.


Ours are uploading as we speak! Or…as I speak I guess…considering its not a real time conversation…


Guilty as charged.
It was easier doing the gif like animations in Premiere and it was more fun making something like those ubiquitous commercials that sell do everything products at some ridiculously cheap price with a billion extras for free.

Here’s our animation for this year. :slight_smile:

A: true, we used combustion to composite some of the effects.

B: True. But come on. You can’t be serious all the time. After all we are making cartoons. :wink:

here’s ours, though its our first time with it…

well, here is the Brazilian Machine entry :smiley:

i will try to put a better quality version on monday…