Post pictures of your cubicle.

I’ve just received word that I’ll be shortly abandoning cubicle 360A here at work for more permanent residence near our contract administration folks as I transition into a new, decidedly more permanent job than what I’ve recent been doing.

As such, I feel obligated to decorate my cubicle with kitschy memorabilia and posters, as well as the obligatory car model, but I don’t yet know where to find such things.

So, in honor of my newer job and shiny new cubicle, let me see what your workspace looks like so I can gather some ideas!

P.S. – I already know what Dave’s office looks like.

Here’s mine:

Heh… did anyone else looking at the 3D panoramic cam notice the blue book entitled: “NASA Strategic Plan”? :eek:

Here’s mine: Not much of a picture… but it’s a little plain. I need some recommendations on what to fill it up with :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really a cubicle but it’s not too far off.

I work at 2 “offices” this summer

one of them is my bedroom (which I havent started working there yet)

and the other one is the home office at my friend’s house (aka the regional sales office for DiTom Microwave Inc)

I have an office, it’s about 10’ X 10’ and has a 4’ wide floor to ceiling window: my office

On the wall not shown in this picture are team photos, photos of odd things I’ve seen during inspections, some awards, my sky-diving certificate, and my dry erase wall calendar.


I’ve got one up finally:

They definitely treat me right!
Annotated version to come later.


all of you have such nice cubicles!! ^^; mine is… small and off in a little corner… but here it is. and here and here are other views from inside. There’s a Roccobot Bear with a surfboard on the tower of my computer, but you cant really see it… theres an “everlasting” bonzai tree, a grafted moon cactus named Petunia, a peace lily named Paz, Garfield on a Space Shuttle, a coloring book, a picture of me hugging our 2005 human player before a match at UCF, and various other things around my desk (like a koosh… see if you can find it!). The posters i yoinked from various places around HQ (most were going to be thrown away… so i asked and i got to keep them!) the SIRTF one is of an infared telesope, and the one in the first picture on the far far left is one of the ISS; next to that is a chinese calendar. :smiley:

i figured 3 pictures would be enough… i dont want to bore you with the thing i sit in for about 8 hours a day… (on the side of the cube you cant see, theres actually a hurricane tracking chart! and some random dolphin haning thing…) (sorry… the pictures themselves are kinda huge… sorry bout that… didnt pay much attention to resize them while i was uploading them. ^^; )

i guess when it comes to decorating your workstation, just decorate it enough so that you’re comfortable and it feels like home! :slight_smile:

I have my own office, they know how to treat the Co-op’s here at Rolls-Royce. It is really empty in here though, the walls are very blank, and that is why I posted someone else speadsheet.