Post Reveal video links here!

Post reveal video links here. Please don’t post anything if you don’t have a reveal link, I just want to keep it as clutter free and easy to see for teams as possible. Can’t wait to see what everyone did!! :smiley: Edit: Include Team name/Number in the post with Reveal Link Please. Thanks!

Great idea. Looking forward to seeing em

Plasma Robotics, Team 2403
2016 Robot Reveal Video:

Good luck to all teams in FIRST STRONGHOLD!](

4613, Barker Redbacks

First Team 1108 from Paola Kansas, Panther Robotics is pleased to reveal this yet-unnamed robot performing at a week-zero event in Lee’s Summit Mo.

Six ten-inch wheels, a three roller intake that also lowers/raises obstacles–we can do all of the obstacles. Drawbridge and sallyport only backwards. Pneumatic catapult, cameras front and rear.

Climbing mechanism installed tonight, testing soon.

We’ll be at the regionals in Kansas City and Denver.

5817, Uni-Rex

Thanks for starting this thread. Each year, FRC Designs creates a Robot Reveal Video Playlist to show off everyones designs. The video playlist will be updated as often as possible. See the videos by checking out the the direct link below.

2016 Robot Reveal Playlist

FRC 2869 - The Regal Eagles
Scattershot -

FRC team 1690 Orbit 2016 robot reveal - “SKYZER”

1747, Harrison Boiler Robotics, presents


3360, Hyperion, presents “Manticore”

Team 2967, the Iron Devils present: SQUIRT!

Wow- What a beautiful creation! I see blue banners in your future. Great job, and best of luck this season!

5699 Robo Sapiens

Not quite a reveal but some good clips

Not a reveal video can we please delete this post?

Did you watch the video I can repost on another thread

These are Cirowheels from team 4403. Not really a reveal video but I like this thread and I think it should go here…

FRC team 179 is proud to announce swamp thing 2016.
20 years of FRC has lead up to this epic moment.

3847 Spectrum: Ultraviolet