Post Sales: License?

We just bought some more seats of EasyC, do all we need to do now is just use the “same” team CD-KEY and your server (web activation) will know to autherize our cd-key for the amount of seats we have purchased?

Yes, once payment is confirmed, we increment the number of licenses associated with your team’s CD key number. All of our licensing is done via the internet. You should receive an email confirming that your license has been updated. If you have any questions about the status of your team’s easyC for FRC license, please email them to directly to [email protected]. Thanks

I was playing around with the license transfer thingy today…going back to that laptop / desktop setup I have. It worked just fine no problems. But I have question.

What’s going to happen next year, when I get a new laptop? Do I need to transfer my license to a working PC to make it live, or can I transfer my license back to the intelliek website and get the license back at a later time?

That would be kewl if you guys could do that. “Release license back to intellitek”, then if I wasn’t using the license, it would be availble for another team member to grab if he/she was connected to the internet.

Anyway getting of bases…

What will be the proper license recovery in case of a new PC or formatted hard drive? We will have to e-mail support?

You can send it back to intelitek.

Just click “Remove the license”, follow the prompts and your done.

This also works well when you want to transfer say from a desktop at the school to a laptop for the competition and they are not near each other.


I guess I took that “literately”…remove the license…

Nice to know this and makes it EASY to share licenses with others. Great job guys.