Post the first thing that comes to mind at the sight of the user's avatar above you 1
Self explanatory, really. I’ll start with the CD logo. delphi programming language!


(I am generally annoyed by people who are easily annoyed by things and people, so feel free to be annoyed. :rolleyes:)


Smart People.

I hope he’s on my side.

Do you ski?

anthropomorphic centipedes

(That’s a paintball mask, by the way.)

he is waiting for someone to prove to him that every atom doesnt look like that

So many little dudes with yellow shirts what will you do with them all?

How come those things never do that in the commercials on TV?
I’d buy one if it really did that! (when I’m older that is & would need one… lol)

someone is ready to drive to alaska!!!:slight_smile:

Someone is happy.


Where did she do? I can’t see her!

Which one posted it?

I think I saw that on the back of a tractor.

Society for Creative Anachronism.

A happy person :]

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Live long and prosper.

MEOW here kitty, kitty,kitty

At least 4 hours of tattoo work, and looks to be well worth it.