Post the first thing that comes to mind at the sight of the user's avatar above you.


Pirates of the Caribbean!


Sydney Concert Hall!!! i had to do a project on that…


Super Smash Bros. Brawl!


The how i met your mother episode that i missed and am waiting to be posted online


Your a drive :stuck_out_tongue: LOL


prom night!


Lawyer man on the phone!


An invisible painting of the skinniest dude u know!




A very sick Winnie the Pooh

And btw it’s a wombat, anyone EXPERIENCED should know that scoff scoff


Rabid chimichanga :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI i dont have an Avatar so i win!


:frowning: thats no fair you don’t have an avatar


star trek. I don’t know if I glimpsed your username subconsciously or that its that shade of red. But star trek definitely popped into my head.

Now, I’ve done this before on this thread but no searching back to find out. Anyone actually know who my avatar is of? It took like 6 tries for someone to get it last time which is sad considering he’s from the best cartoon ever made.


Reminded me of little bear from Nick Jr. for some reason.


Gummi bear cartoon. (It was easy enough to find out. You have a quote from them in your signature. Yay logic!)

Anyway, a bed bug.


Yeah, but its still surprising the number that think its yogi.

Tails makes me think of the last good game they made.(sonic 2)


An overweight bear


Some demon from a horror movie, maybe the Grudge


Wombat that wants a kiss Lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Empty picture frame