Post video of your first HAB3 climb attempt




Not our best attempt but it worked a lot better after some more testing and using drive motors.


Very nice! Can’t wait to see it in person!


@wmendenhall and @lbassett_21, and (to a lesser degree) @bcampbell, how will those work with bumpers?


We ran a test with some mock bumpers on and it had no difference in performance. The distance away from the hab shouldn’t matter because our robot will be pushing on it regardless (The rear pneumatic run faster than the front ones). We will be testing this more when we have full bumpers made.


Oh man those are some massive pistons, I thought they were lead screws at first.


The pistons are actually pretty small, those cylinders though… :slight_smile:


Our mechanism allows us to be offset from the step by 5-6 inches. Our design was to allow someone to already be on the step and for us to not interfere with another robot already on level 3


The video was a tease/troll. That robot was an Army EOD robot that was visiting our STEM school that day. The Sergeant said it could climb stairs and I jokingly asked our team if they thought it could do a HAB3 climb. The Sergeant in charge said “what’s that?” Less than 10 minutes later we dragged our field elements out to the parking lot and slapped an extra set of Power Up numbers on their robot. The EOD operator had fun with the challenge and we all got a good laugh out of it. We also finished water jetting our transmission parts that day.

Parts ready? CHECK. HAB climb with $130k Army EOD robot? Check.
Needless to say it was a good day for our team.


Hey, that’s our design too!



Wow that’s an amazing design!

When your team was debating whether to do a ramp or a climber:



Hope to get you to drive up it before we climb at SF and Sac.


It was not our first Climbing attempt but after some tweaking the team managed to get a level 3 climb autonomously in about 8 seconds.


If any video-editing-inclined student doesn’t have anything to do, I wouldn’t mind seeing a slightly sped-up compilation with Yakety Sax in the background.


Here’s a failure! Cross-posted from our build-thread.


Does the mechanism for retracting the ramp get in the way of a robot driving up the ramp?


Team 746 -1 large air cylinder and 3 small for the lift- from a cell phone


Very nice design. It’s nice to see a team making effective use of a KOP chassis.

You are also giving me a serious case of “shop envy”…