Post video of your first HAB3 climb attempt


KOP Chassis = Best Chassis
History proves it (in my history at least)


How does it do with only 159lbs of person on it? Or only 100lbs?


how does it hold onto the platform like that?


You guys should take the drama stuff to another thread and use this thread to post videos of level 3 hab climbs.


I wonder if a mod can delete the drama posts, so we can get back to climbing?

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Here’s our protobot and its first attempt to climb from a few weeks ago.



This is the best robot I’ve seen you and your students put out in all the years you’ve been doing this. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it in action at Humber and Ryerson.


Yeah, I feel like I’m missing something here. Maybe that part only pops up once other robots are up?

Looks cool though :slight_smile:


The video isn’t playing for me, just the audio. Try uploading it to youtube then posting the link here.


Not in testing so far… It is a small Kevlar line laying on the ramp.
The winch system is integrated in the arm laying on the Hab. It has a lexan cover that is driven over. The winch line pivot is actuated after a robot has driven onto the Hab. We are using the same line to fold in the sprung lower ramp that is pivoting the robot up. The system pivot system collapses as we finish the transition.


We have a modified pincer system like the Ri3D Snow Problem. It has 4 cylinders ( 2 per side) that releases after transition. We had many parts delays and received the needed PCM last night. I will post that portion after our session later today.


I figured your team would taken care of it. I just wasn’t sure how.

Your solution is up there with 1678’s :slight_smile:


Wow, very kind…

We have much love for 1678 but we are nowhere near that level…

Looking forward to a mentor drinks at Sacramento with @Michael_Corsetto & @RoboChair as well as the rest of the epic mentor crew of Citrus…



Just beating bag day for our first climb.


Wow this is a great climber!:+1:


Thats the design our team is going with as well!


This design was only really supposed to go to level 3, but with some work we were able to get it on level 2, low-rider style