Post video of your first HAB3 climb attempt


It says the video is unavailable…


@TikiTech Looks like we won’t need to climb up your ramp :slight_smile:.

Hopefully we have it working without hitches by stop build.

Edit: This was the one the first climbing attempts. I meant to post the first lifting attempt as well but couldn’t find the videos.


This is our more refined, but not yet perfected version of the four bar lifting our practice bot.

We still need to automate it a bit, but it works and were pretty excited about that.

It is driven 2 mini cims on a custom gearbox. The overall reduction including chain is about a 450:1.


Are those the piston rods that extend out from the bottom of the chassis at the front and back? If so, is there anything to prevent bending of those piston rods?


Nice approach… It will be great to watch in person!

I agree with @philso you should look into supporting those cylinder rods.
Rods do not like lateral stresses and I think rope won’t qualify. :grinning:

Not sure how much iGus rods you have from KOP’s but those worked very well for our HP system.



Here’s a video of our our first successful in-match HAB3 assist using the ramp system on our robot. This was at our Week Zero Competition this past Saturday.

Ramp bots probably won’t work and here’s why

And someone told my that a ramp bot was not possible. That’s awesome. Glad to know I was right. Great job!


The RoboBees would like to join the fun.


Whoa, that’s insanely quick. Really bringing the heat to Chesapeake. Looking forward to seeing you all at Owings Mills.


Our first (slow) climb.

Not sure how to make the video show up


We had posted our climb teaser here:

It was not our first attempt, so didn’t know if should be in this thread, but here it is.


Got our time down to about 7 seconds.


Really digging all these videos


Not our first but this was taken at week 0 in Nevis MN. Our all female team 3134 the Accelerators of Cass Lake MN are showing off their RP potential. We are going to be climbing at the Lake Superior regional.


Not our first attempt, but the only one i have on film.


I remember learning a lot about how to use a rack and pinion for climbing from your 2016 design. How is this version for pushing down different since you don’t have the tube to keep the “rod” enclosed/straight.


Hopefully this cad model helps clear it up.

Nothing special, one side rides against a delrin block with a groove cut in it, the other is supported by the pinion gear and a small delrin roller. 775pro on a VP @25:1 Aluminum tubing is .75" Square .125 Wall Gear rack is drilled and tapped 8/32 every 3 inches to attach to the aluminum tube.


I posted our first attempt earlier, here is our first successful L3 climb.


Well done!


Awesome climb, and I love how your arm goes around your elevator. Looks like an amazing robot!