Post video of your first HAB3 climb attempt


Actually our second attempt, nobody got video of the first one, we didn’t expect it to go right up I guess


Love the 1619-esk arm!


Here are our first climbs.


The fact that this looks like your bot is, “Blasting off,” is absolutely perfect. Awesome job!


This is my favorite of all the HAB level 3 climbs I’ve seen so far.


get it? :wink:


that’s a plane and simple way to do it.


Not mine, likely not a first, but here’s a link to 2992’s HAB3 climb:

#127 Surprisingly enough, our very first attempt was successful. The tip near the end was the result of an easily preventable driver error, but otherwise it was very successful.


But the save before it tipped is the main concern


Not our first attempt, but a pretty rough one.


Our second attempt, still needing a lot of drivers practice.


I really like all of these manipulator elevator + stilt designs that a lot of teams have converged on, they work really well!


Is your team still planning on using the four bar mechanism?


We are still planning to use a four bar, but have no footage of it working yet because we are so far behind schedule with our build this year.


Not our first successful climb but it’s definitely the most polished. Looking forward to climbing week 2!


How heavy are these cylinders? We’re looking to add something like this between events and have ~20lb to spare.


They look a lot like the same ones we use. So ~5 Lbs each. Not exactly the best power to weight ratio…but they do work.


I saw somewhere they’re using 2" bore 24" stroke cylinders – just to confirm, that’s what you’re using as well? Because I imported the STEP into CAD and made the material stainless steel, and got ~30lbs (was really hoping that wasn’t right).


We are indeed using 24" stroke, 2in bore Stainless Steel Bimba Cylinders.