Post video of your first HAB3 climb attempt

I’m not sure off the top of my head. Check the bimba catalog, they have the weights. We bought the cylinders from MMC but the specs are similar.

2x24 is correct. The hardest parts are making the cylinders go up at the same time and resolving the twisting, because the rods are free spinning.

Another thing to think about is whether you have enough air, and whether the compressor is strong enough to refill the tank. We are using a 2.5 gallon tank and a 100% duty cycle compressor.

I definitely don’t think this is the easiest way to implement a lifter quickly.

We may have popped the 80-20 out of the bearings but with some redesign we are confident this will be a winning system!


love the design, just be careful that your bumpers don’t leave the HAB zone when lining up


Oh my we did not notice that… :sweat_smile:

Good thing that’s some simple re cuts on the pvc and some new 3d prints.

Thanks for pointing that out! We would have been screwed at comp!

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No problem, I’m glad we caught it now!!

That right there is CD working
Nice spot


Whats the issue if the bumpers are hanging off a little? Does that violate the robot’s maximum height restriction, since they are no longer totally within the HAB zone?

It violates the bumper zone rules, since your bumpers must stay in the bumper zone unless they are completely within your HAB. I’ve noticed a few robots violate this rule during their test climbs, so hopefully they get them fixed before competition.


It looks like you are extremely close to being completely within the HAB zone. As of the most recent update, the HAB includes the 2" tape infront of lvl1.

Of course, it couldn’t hurt to make it more obvious that you are completely in the HAB zone.

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I’ll let you know when our team makes it to hab 3, we had to scrap our climb system due to CG misplacement

Here are videos of a few tries at getting to the top of HAB3. Luckily, we only had to change out the pistons between tries to get it right. There was a lot of crayola CAD and gearbox calculations on our HAB arm to get us up there.

Unsuccessful first try -

Successful first try -

We’ll work on speeding it up during our unbag time leading up to competition.


Definitely try that with HDPE on the HAB1 surface.

Yup we have some on order, we need to test out different wheel combos. You think it’s going to be more or less slippery? We’re useing colson’s right now

What are you using for those linear slides on the back?

The HDPE is far slipprier than plywood.

I like your guy’s climbing mechanism! I wish we would’ve thought about this when attempting to build ours

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One of our first recorded attempt.


Finally got it to work a day later. A little bit of code and it was fixed.


Nothing rewarding comes without effort :slight_smile: