Post video of your first HAB3 climb attempt

3647’s first completely self powered climb:


We had this exact robot sketched on our whiteboard at kickoff. Like, every detail of it was exactly the robot you built. I’m really excited to see it at CADM this weekend!


First attempt


Not the first time, but one of the first automated tries.


We are in the four bar style climber club as well, thanks to Spectrum for initial geometry and S. Forbes for the LEGO video. This was our first test on our practice bot, not at full weight and being controlled via a modified drill trigger and robot battery. We will be enlarging the contact foot and controlling the speed a bit better on the competition machine.


Thats not your robot… much to large to be a 558 robot…


Clicked on the link blindly…

Thought: horrifyingly fast, looks unstable, somehow works brilliantly, must be a 558 robot…

Hey! It is!


cool design!

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That’s amazing!
Innovative design.

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This sparks joy.


1519 is doing the 4-bar lifter / climber, largely inspired by the “Lego 4 bar trick.” It’s a lot harder with a 150 pound robot than with Legos! :wink:

We put about a dozen “progress along the way” videos including a fair number of failure ones in a separate thread for Team 1519 Mechanical Mayhem - 2019 Robot Lifter (Climber) Development but a few standouts are here:

An Early Fail

Another Fail

First Success, Drive Base Only

First Attempt with Entire Robot (Fail)

Another Full Robot Fail

First Success with Entire Robot

At Granite State District Event, Week One (Went 12 for 12 in Quals and 17 for 17 overall):


Now that we have revealed, this is footage of our first climb. Lots of room for automation to speed it up.



Since this climb has helped move them up the ranks in northern AZ today, I don’t think they’d mind me posting video of the coolest looking climb I’ve seen yet. 2240, I wish they’d called it “The Antelope”.

IMG_5712.3gp (103.3 KB)


2240s climber is great!

also we got to test ours in competition, finally. We last played with it on bag day, when it didn’t work. It worked the day before bag day. So, Thursday morning we scrounged a couple 775 pros and a 2 to 1 adapter, a Versa 3:1, and a CIM output shaft, and replaced the CIM with it. It works! tried it in 3 practice matches, worked every time. Today in qualifying, it again worked 3 times, but in our last match against 842 etc. it failed…by getting crooked, and not going all the way on the top of the HAB. We added some tread to the bottom of the foot, and will see if that’s enough to keep it straight.

842 didn’t climb either, it was a tied match.

sorry no video


why did the blue alliance get zero point in the 2nd finals i didnt see a penalty?

Second yellow of playoff. In F2 we entered the frame perimeter and disabled 597. It wasn’t intentional, but we violated a rule.

^^^ That was a fast ascent 973!