Post your FRC themed backgrounds for video calls

A lot of us have had a lot of video calls lately. Post some of the FRC backgrounds that you like to use. Here are my FRC backgrounds:

Mine aren’t all great since sometimes I have to turn my computer camera for it to work, but that’s what I’ve got.

I generally just use a blur, but my parents once used a similar picture to the one in New Wings Over Camarillo 2 day Off-Season in CA, to, uh, predictable reactions.


Change my school profile picture to a cropped version of this one once we went online. (to have it be a face than a letter)



I typically don’t use a background for zoom but my pfp for when my camera is off is me with Dean Kamen during MICMP 2019

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I alternate between the two pics of our first successful level 3 climb in 2019. I love the contrast between them because you can see the drive team in the background looking worried in the first one as the climb starts and then celebrating the completed climb in the second one. It keeps me feeling good despite the fact that we didn’t get to compete in 2020.

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this was a fantastic memory, thanks for bringing it up

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