Post Your Pit Displays!

Looking for all teams who use pit displays or have in the past to post what they used, its features, etc.

In particular I’m looking for ideas to add to the pit display I’m working on right now.

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What is a pit display?


Good example is 3015’s:

Essentially anything you choose to put up on your pit TV if you have one.


We run 3d playbacks of matches for ours sometimes using NE-Robotics/In-Control (

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Our pit display is eight LED signs that we use to show info on our next match and the match currently playing on field.

The signs were used as clocks and emergency messaging at a local colleg, when the college upgraded to new signs we got the old ones. We found a UART port on the back of the signs, used that to get root on their embedded Linux boards. We have a python script running on a NUC that polls TBA for updates and asynchronously ssh’s into each sign as needed to update content.


Love this! :call_me_hand:

For now I just put some simulated/random data in cause I don’t have pics from the pit but here is something we developed for champs that lets us know if everything is good to go before we leave our pit (there are usually more tabs than this)

This is usually up on a large monitor in pit

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Team 254 and 1678 both have vertical screens at the front of their pit that they use to show information about their team, robot, and community. I don’t have any pictures of them but you may be able to find some on their websites or hope someone from either 254 or 1678 sees this. A bunch of other teams have similar set ups too, but those just stood out to me and were close to my pit in houston.

We (1942 Cinderella) had 2 screens in total,
In the first we showed our robot reveal video and our season recap, and in second we showed our robot blowing up with explosion on every system,
And we had also our robot engraving with led on it.

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Now that is sick.

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How do you figure out the current match on the field?

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They may have done it differently but you can use the TBA API to get the list of matches at an event, and sort by the played match time. Then, you can sort backwards through the sorted list and choose the first one that has an alliance’s score that is not null or -1. That should give you the last match played; so if you choose the next match that’ll be the one on the field.

The FRC APIv3 while not as widely used is updated faster than the Blue Alliance which you might want if you’re querying very recent match data within a few minutes


We have table of all matches (our in different color) and there is big screen right above our pit, so the pit also can watch games.

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