Post Your Team Handbooks Here

Hello All,

I am in the process of revising different handbooks for FRC Team 5686 and would like to see examples of your most recent documentation for the following:

  • Overall Team Handbook
  • Mentor Handbook
  • Student Handbook
  • Leadership Handbook

Other questions I wanted to pose:

  1. What sections do your handbooks include?
  2. Is your team culture, mission, goals, and values identified in the team handbook?
  3. What kinds of roles and responsibilities do you include in your student or leadership handbook?

Please post your actual handbook or link to it if available.

Our handbooks:
Team Handbook
Mentor Handbook
Captain Handbook

Note: The captain and team handbooks are from the 2017-2018 season. The mentor handbook is *very *new, just created a couple of weeks ago and still very much a work in progress. We’re currently working on revisions to both the captain and team handbooks as well, something we look at with the captains every summer, prior to releasing them to the full team when fall meetings start.

Pretty broad question!

Our team handbook includes 4 main sections: Intro to robotics (what is FIRST, what is the Team), Team Structure (org chart, sub-team descriptions, leadership info, general mentor info), Team Procedures (recruitment, choosing leaders, seasons, registration) and Student Expectations (Behavior, safety, communication, competition, dress code, travel and lettering eligibility, along with benefits of being on the team and how parents can get involved)

Our Captain handbook includes the behaviors expected of a captain, as well as a rough schedule for the entire year - what needs to happen and when it needs to happen. We’re not terribly happy with it, to be honest, and will probably have significant updates this summer.

Our mentor handbook has 5 main sections to it: Welcome to the Team (mentor expectations, and information about current and past mentors), Onboarding/offboarding process (This is still very much in development, as we haven’t had a formalized process before), Team Norms (Basic expectations around communication, meetings, and document storage), important documents (Other documents that a new mentor is going to want to read), and finally a sort of appendix that covers some of the configuration and setup options in G Suite.

  1. Is your team culture, mission, goals, and values identified in the team handbook?

This is an area we’re working on improving. Our mission is clearly stated, and I think overall the rest of that is implied, but it should be clearly stated up front as well. We have “Team Vision” meetings planned all summer, focusing on where we want each part of the team to go. We’re also planning on focusing on Core Values this year at our fall retreat. I expect both of those will activities will help us fill out that section of the handbook.

  1. What kinds of roles and responsibilities do you include in your student or leadership handbook?

We’re currently working on expanding our leadership positions section of the team handbook. Last year, a lot of the detail behind each position was listed out in a separate document, but we’re working on integrating that into the team handbook for this upcoming year. We think it’ll get more visibility that way, and help students figure out what positions they want to strive for. We list out the general expectations of a student leader, and then get into the specific duties (who they work with, which other leads they’ll need to coordinate with, when the role is most active, etc) and qualities (build roles require experience in the subteam, some roles require more organization or creativity or time management skills than others) for each role.

As a side note - would you care to expand on what kinds of activities you typically have at this fall retreat? What kind of event is it (away, at school?), which students and mentors get to attend?


It’s a one-day event away from the build space for the entire team - all students, all mentors. We’ve done it both at the school (There’s a separate multipurpose “lodge” by the tennis courts that has a decent sized room) and off-site (At a parent’s house or other donated meeting area). The agenda for the day is a little different each year, as we focus on different items. For example, last year we felt we really needed to focus on our team mission statement, so we spent a good deal of time brainstorming and reworking it. I don’t see our mission changing this year, so we’re focusing on Core Values instead. Our full schedule from last year can be seen here. In addition to focusing on some of the broader team stuff, part of the goal of the retreat every year is team bonding. We have a bunch of rookies that don’t know anyone, and it’s a great opportunity to fix that!

I also just discovered a doc one of our captain’s recently created that goes into more detail around the purpose of the retreat that is a really good read, and sets up a focus cycle for it over the years. She’s really been working on leaving a path for the team after she graduates next year, very impressive! (And she’s probably going to read this at some point, too!)

Here is ours and I have several other ones I have collected over time. Including 1816 1923 1111 174 51 1538 254. I can post them as well

Copy of clbs robotics handbook.pdf (483 KB)

I’ve been watching this thread waiting to say if these teams would post their handbooks. Since none have, I will take the liberty of posting them myself. All these have been made available by teams on their websites.

2056 Team Manual:

1538 Team Handbook:

900 Handbook:

254 Handbook:

1241 Business Playbook:

Hope these help! I’ve been looking at these since I’m helping develop my team’s business plan and handbooks.

Thanks for aggregating, Chris!

Some content borrowed from 612, 4, 1923… thank you!

Here is MARS 2614’s handbook.

  1. It’s not really organized into broad sections, so there are a lot. Welcome, Team History, What is FIRST?, GP, College & Career Opportunities, Qualifications, Selection Process, Fall Team Activities, Sub-teams, Build/Competition Season, School Work, Health & Safety, Mentors, Fundraising, FLL Events, Travel, then the applications and health forms are attached.
  2. Yes
  3. Our mentorship motto is essentially “We don’t babysit.” We expect a high level of maturity to the point that we as mentors need to be confident we can turn our backs and the student will still be doing the right thing, be at the right place, and have the right equipment. There are also parent expectations about build season meals and the requirement to pick their student up at competitions and take them home if they’re misbehaving.
    I hope this helps! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

I hope this helps! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Here is ours!

Here is ours!

Dang, This is good insight into the workings of a constantly elite team.

It also hit me that Rachel is a former co-worker of mine. Tell her “hi” from one of her former fellow PICS residents.

Wanted to post a quick update… We’ve started on a Leadership Handbook, intended to replace the outdated Captain Handbook I previously linked. It’s still a work in progress - there’s stuff missing, stuff incomplete, and stuff that was simply copied in from other docs and needs editing. But I thought I’d share so others could see what we’re thinking along these lines.

I’d love to see other examples of team leadership/organization handbooks like this!

Ours is here:

It will have some yearly updates before too long.

I highly recommend 1923’s handbook. It’s what inspired ours and the one I continuously look towards.

Here is 1678’s

This is the 2017-18 handbook. We are currently revamping the handbook for the 2018-19 season with new sub-teams, standards, policies, and expectations.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, Marshall! It’s a living document that grows each time we realize a new mistake or hole that needs patching. :slight_smile:

We’re actually revamping quite a bit this season with a team restructure, BUT - here’s our 2017-18 book for review in this thread while I’m here.