Post Your Team's Picture Galleries!

Hey Everyobdy!

I love looking through all the pictures available on CD-Media (and posting pictures on there for all to see, but it would be really cool to see all the pictures that teams have taken from competitons, off season events, and build seasons.

I know that our team has over 1100 pictures on our website’s picture gallery, with over 400 posted from the Philly Regional! We not only have pictures of our team from the regional, but of other teams as well.

Let’s see all of those pictures that people have taken! Post picture galleries from your team now!

Team 1712 (Dawgma) Picture Gallery:

Sparky 384
Over 3100 pictures. Enjoy!

GEOmotion, Team 1504

If anyone is looking for a good gallery software for their website, I am really liking the AutoGallery plugin for the e107 website system. Just thought I’d mention that.

The 696 galleries can be found here.

2006 Groves (#1213) Robotics Galleries

Team 612 Gallery

i really didn’t count the pictures but its from 2003-2006…ENJOY!

Team 772 Sabre Bytes Picture Gallery (see movies as well)

Pictures aren’t up yet from this year’s competition, but I’m not a student anymore so I can’t just do it myself :slight_smile: (I was the co-webmaster last year). There are over 1000 pictures from the 2005 season though!

X-Cats gallery.

Uberbots Picture Gallery beta

yea, i beleive it only has 17 pictures on it, but within the next 6 hours you can expect to see more.

Wildstang’s gallery has ~4000 picture from 1996 on and we have a lot more we still need to add.

Team #340’s Galleries

Robolution’s Gallery Pics from last and this year. (still awaiting a few more from this year)

610’s pictures from this year:

Team 121 picture galleries of the build season and Boston Regional event.


Well, here are pics from our build:

And Pics from FLR:
(you will find 3 links on the above page, one to pics of each day)

And on our website:

(these are more build pics and some from 05 FLR)

Cyber Blue 234’s Image Gallery

Team 1523: MARS Robotics
Our photo gallery contains 1142 (and growing) pictures for this season, including prototyping, inventor and build pictures. As most people do not have time to look through that many pictures, a quick overview video of our 2006 season is available here

Other galleries of note that I really like (sorry to steal the thunder if other teams wanted to introduce themselves):

Team 86: Team Resistance
Shows much of the chassis and lift build through photos and inventor screen shots. This is part of their “Underground site”.

Team 179: Children of the swamp
Prototyping and building shots; interesting to compare to final design.

Team 180: S.P.A.M.
Inventor screen shots and in-progress pictures.

Here is 67’s gallery. It seems that the galleries for 2004 and back aren’t working; however, the summary pages for the years displayed do still work and have a few pics of thier own. I’ll get on that monday.

Lightning Robotics Gallery

Pictures sorted by year and event.