Post Your Team's Picture Galleries!

246 pictures from Team sab-BOT-age (FRC1640). Enjoy!

Here are our pictures

Aces High 176 Picture Galleries

Team 418’s gallery.

Team 704: SGP Robotics

Gus Team 228 Photo Galleries (contains about 1100+ pictures from 1999 to 2006)

Wa bam! Buzz’s Pictures :slight_smile:

The Holy Cows’ Official Picture Galleries

Team 116 photo gallery (by Eric & Heidi)
Possibly the largest online FIRST photo album with over 15,000 photos dating back to the 2001 season.

Team 1654 Gallery

New this year but with many of last years pictures.

Our team has put a few photos of our robot, “Sergeant York,” at the 2006 BAE Granite State Regional here on CD-Media:

Team 1519 Goes 8-for-8 in Autonomous

More Team 1519 Photos

Team Photos. The layout’s not all that great.

My Flickr Robotics Set.

Here are 1251’s pics. that one of our Team members, Melissa, took from us during the Florida and Palmetto Regional…some were rather forced pics :yikes: …haha…Enjoy! :smiley:

username: mizscience
password: wewon :wink:

Team 204’s Picture Gallery


Odin in a MATCH!

Over the past season, I have taken probably over 2,000 photos of our team. In the past, we barely had any photos taken, so this year I decided that we should carefully document the season.

I have a flickr account that I uploaded the photos to, although the account is not entirely devoted to team 716’s pictures… some photosets are just random pictures of me, my friends, and non-robotics pictures I have taken. But for the most part, my gallery is purely robotics (although many of the pictures included in the build season sets are pictures of us hanging out before and after our meetings).

But… here it is:
Team 716 Photo Gallery**

Heres our image gallery the farthest it will go back is 2003 at least for now.

Truck town thunder pictures

The beautiful thumbnailing PHP script is my work :smiley:

Team 1676 Photo Gallery

^ Pascack Pioneers pictures brought to you by official photographer ]]

Enjoy! :smiley:

364 photo gallery

Lone Star Regional

If I could find a fast server to put well over 1gb of pics on I’d upload , Our server is down for whatever reason, and I’d like to put them all on my own server, but it’s already bogged down enough with Wolf 103, and my poor little cable modem would probably melt.

Team 812 galleries found HERE

I didnt count how many pictures, but I remember taking around 700 pictures at one Robotics event.

I estimate the whole lot to come to about 4,000 pics for the 2005-2006 season alone. :]