Post Your Team's Picture Galleries!

Team 1511 has a public gallery of photos from the 2005 and 2006 FRC seasons located here:

There are many public photo-archival sites on the web, and we found the folks at to be very kind to us as a high-school team, plus they let us upload videos (came along before Google did their video uploader). Their site allows us to download photos in several different resolutions without editing. Smugmug also allows us to archive the galleries off to DVD or CD as needed.

We let several team members upload so that not just one person has to do it all the time.

I’m teaching a class on digital photography as part of the 2006 FIRST conference and if you bring your “top 5” pics to the pit for team 1511, we’ll display them on our ThunderPit TV screens…

Slight update. I just checked the actual count of photos, and it is over 21,000 (and that’s just the stuff we posted, which is less than half of what we took).

Team 1501, years 2005 and 2006. Enjoy :slight_smile:


team 179](

1190 Anonobots’ Picture Gallery

I skimmed to see if anyone else has posted this, and not seeing anyone I recognised, here is my collection of FIRST pictures… including 1610’s pictures from nationals. More to come.


Team 1552’s picture gallery can be found here:

Here is Team 1816, The Green Machine’s photo gallery:

Team 1816’s Gallery

The TechnoKats Gallery is now up and running. There are gobs of things in there, from Kokomo Ball Drop pictures, student and mentor pictures, and even pictures from past years.

Thanks to TechnoKat students Michael Hill and Eric Jiang for setting this up.

Andy B.

Here is our Gallery
here is our Home page
Here are our Videos


Team 1370 Photo Gallery

It’s done using Adobe’s Spry Framework, since I don’t have access to a database on the server and there aren’t that many photos. It’s a pretty cool implementation of AJAX and XML files.

If you want the pure html version (no Javascript), I set up a copy using a parsing PHP to page through the XML lookup files and extract the info onto the page. You can see the result here.

i just set up the green team 885’s gallery yesterday…still needs some tweeking but here it is


Team 122’s 2006 season