Post your teams WEBSITE

Hey I was looking around the forum and found it very hard to find other teams websites. So I thought it woud be pretty cool if whoever visits this thread would post their teams website on the thread. Thanks:D

My teams website is below, keep in mind that it is not done. (And our webmaster is taking his sweet time)

our website is

check it out

FIRST 1444-

Hope you like it. Let me know if there are any slow loading pages or broken things! Thanks

We aren’t original with our website, it was something one of our members threw together a while ago

This should probably be posted in the IT section. Reguardless: <- Needs updating :X

Now, we need to get some communication going and get the webmaster title moved from the guy who maintained it last year to someone actually on the team…:wink:


You may also want to check out this list of links to team websites:

team 1228 A-MERCK-IN-INDIANS from Rahway, NJ

Team 754 “Frostbyte” Marinette, WI USA

We started to remake it for the begging of the season. Lost time to finish it.

Ours is in my profile actually.

But here it is anyway. I should probably put it in my sig… huh…

JCH Robotics-1825

Team 1523’s is

website is in my sig.

can I please have some feedback about the loading time for our site? Our team is from Hawaii so I am wondering how long it takes to load for other teams on the mainland. Thanks.


the main FIRST Web Network page is sam from team 330 and i worked together making together so teams could find each other. im open to suggestions on improvements and tips to make it better.

Be sure to check out “Team 467 - Unplugged” !

Check us out we are the new kids on the block. You may not have heard of us before 2/17/2007, but you do now. We are a rookie team with NO sponsors at this time and we still managed to take 5th in Suffield at the UTC scrimmage! We have many pictures and streaming video of our team, build and scrimmage.

You can say our motto is:
“Your robot may have been built in a garage but ours is built from a garage.”

go to:

Stop by and see if we got you on film!

Thanx, it was fun