Post your teams WEBSITE

Still being updated

It’s very close to completition

Almost fully done, but just a little bit more work needed…

Hey Guys,
we’ve change our domain, there’s no tribotec anymore, we are ETEPTEAM now!

Feel free to join our forum;) And update your links=D

Here is a link to team 753’s website:

The Blair Robot Project: Team 449

The Robo Wizards - Team 522

Metal In Motion Team 343
Website is
We now have pictures of our 2007 machine - Andre’ - posted. Come visit us today.
Good luck to everyone this season.

ya our schools all crazy so we have to go threw their site or we cant make a site and they would shut us down, so we have the worlds worst URL, and the links to our resources don’t, but they(the schools IT guys) are gonna fix that(we hope)

Just added a video of our robot lifting a team member. Check it out under the media -> video gallery section. =D

I seem to remember posting my team’s website just days ago somewhere else…
Oh well. The more, the merrier!

Team 1065 Tatsu

In case u didn’t catch the website of team 1652, Lakeview Legends from MasterZahn’s post, you can visit our site by clicking on our teamname below in my signature.

Here’s the Madtown Robotics Team 1323 web site.

html is fun but im going to make a mobile version of our site .wml :cool:

We just got our website together. its almost finished =D

nice css