"postcount=" leads to errors in links



If you try to open this, you get told that the link doesnt exist. If you remove “&postcount=11,” it will automatically take you to the correct post.


Should be fixed now.


It does not work on the first click but if I refresh the page it works.


Same thing. When i try in another browser it works just fine though, so it may just be cached? Either way, it works now. Thanks brandon!


There’s a bug (or feature?) in Discourse where this only works from external->in, and not internally.

Broken Links

Here’s an example of another type of link that didn’t migrate well. PIC18F8722 Errata & High Priority Interrupts


I fixed that one … not sure why the redirect wasn’t working (unless it’s due to the internal redirects and had to be visited from external site or new browser)