Posting animation to streamline

Can someone walk me through the posting of our animation. I have downloaded streamline but am having trouble finding our team folder.
I submitted hard copies of the app. and storyboards but know that I must load our final animation to the site. Help me please.

as far as i know, Autodesk made an update where they said that you should upload ur animation to a folder under 2006 student upload area–> visualization entries–> ur regional folder

yes, i think this year there are no team folders or they are inside you regional folder.

-dont take my word for it, u might want to look at the last updates made by autodesk.

so, for example, like for our team, we would upload under the “Teams_1300_1399” folder?

okay, if i need a signature for this form, do i have to print it out, get it signed, scan it, and post it? i printed it out and it turned into about 6 pages. how is everyone doing this?

yes, as far as i know.

can’t get download it got it but can’t get Streamline working and what’s the password


there is no password, you just type the username: (public) make sure you have the brackets, and the password box should stay empty. also make sure the site, above username is FIRST.