Posting help

How do I put i picture on a post?

  1. Upload your picture to an image hosting site like imageshack.
  2. Use %between% tags in with the url of the image within them.
  3. Post and see if it works!

(An alternate method, if your image can serve as a standalone post, is to use CD-Media to upload it and have it stored on the forum itself.)

I did exactly what you suggested. Do you see the image inline below? All I see is a link, not an inline embedded image.

I see an image

Log out and check if you see it inline. There is a User CP setting that makes all images links instead of inline.

Thanks Joe. That was it.

You can also upload the picture to CD-Media and create a discussion thread from there (or just link to it).

I didn’t know about this option. Going to make threads MUCH more enjoyable without having 1800px wide images inline :slight_smile:

Thanks Bill, I knew about that. My interest was embedding a (small) image into a post to an already-existing thread. Like a small image of an equation.