Posting Official Match Clips to Youtube Channel


Is it ok to post official video from FIRST on our own Youtube channels or are we only allowed to share a playlist with the match videos in it? Thanks!

I’ve seen entire channels shut down because they were hosting clips. I wouldn’t risk it.

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I don’t know the exact rules behind this, but I don’t see much of a reason to repost entire videos on your own channel. Plus making playlists are pretty easy.

If you want to back up those videos, you could post them privately on YouTube just to be safe, or use something else to back then up. I don’t think that’s necessary, because it doesn’t seem like First is going to select old videos.

If you actually edit one of their videos, (like small clips or to create a montage) then that’s definitely allowed as I’ve seen many people do that.

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Please don’t rehost FIRST videos anywhere. They’re their copyright and you risk getting your channel banned. Instead, you can link a video between a timestamp by appending &start= and &end= to the video with timestamps of seconds there. Hope this helps!

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Gotcha, thanks! What are the rules on Twitch hosted streams? Like if we took a clip off of them?

Anything uploaded or streamed to a FIRST Twitch channel is still FIRST’s all the same (fair warning, I am not a lawyer). You can safely link to said clips though.

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Alright, thank you very much! Just wanted to make sure on all of this.

FIRST has a habit of not uploading things to their YT in general. Things have gotten better in the last year with the standardization of streams for all american regionals, but some events are still missing full streams and theres little that can be done.

The only other time id consider it would be if it had music in it that got it taken down. Usually, its still possible to grab it and remove the music.