Postponed events help needed

I am a junior and have never had a meet canceled so i just wanted to know how this works. we are in Michigan and want to know the following, if anyone can provide us with information that would be greatly appreciated.

  1. how does this effect our season
  2. should we continue to work on this seasons robot or no
  3. should driver continue to practice
  4. will this prolong the season

the meets canceled are fim muskegon and fim ferris

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Outside of very specific situations, nobody else has had their events postponed like this before either. Sadly, nobody knows at this point the answers to those questions. A lot of it rides on how intense this virus ends up being, but wait to hear information from your district leadership. They’ll be able to tell you more, but it’ll likely be a while till they have any answers for you.


FIRST has never really seen an event like this - it’s best to wait for word from FIRST HQ for answers to all your questions.

Anything else is largely speculation at this point, no matter how well meaning.


So no one including FiM itself knows exactly when events will happen and what they will be.

If your school is not closed and your team is still able/wants to meet, you should. Continue developing and improving your robot, practicing, etc.

I can tell you that 33 will be continuing to meet over the coming months and working to improve the robot we have to eventually play events in the summer and/or fall.

  1. Nobody knows yet. Lots of unknowns right now. This hasn’t happened (like this) before. Probably they’ll resume in the fall if it’s under control, but again, just speculation
  2. If your robot isn’t finished, I would work to finish it if you feel safe. Chances are, after school activities are being canceled next
  3. Always try to practice driving
  4. Yes, but you might not get to work on your robot anymore. A virtual bag day (since the schools will probably cancel after school activities)
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Truth is, no one knows. This is an unprecedented situation, and FIRST is likely trying to figure out what to do with all of these event cancellations. We hopefully will get information soon about how this will affect our season.

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Wish I had an answer for you @tylerblockbuster, but the truth is, we are unsure as well. We are going to continue meeting throughout March as we had originally planned in order to wrap up some robot systems we were working on, and will continue working on our code/auton and our Chairmans presentations.

After March 25, we plan to go to a relaxed meeting schedule (weekly or bi-weekly) to just keep updating our strategy and keeping our tasks fresh.

Assuming they have some derivation of this game, I would expect the robots to be excessively well tuned, or we will have some really nice show pieces.

Personally, my team is currently planning on using our relaxed schedule to determine how to recover financially from this. Without our events, some of our sponsor commitments will not be met, which we have to explain. This may may finding sponsors for 2021 much more difficult for us, so without some new plans in place, this could mean financial ruin for our team.

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we purchased all the food and everything for the meet about an hour before we got the message so looks like our team will have a mid season team dinner


thank you all for the help. does anyone know where they would post updates

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thank you

Depending on the financial situation for your team and team members, your team might consider donatint the food and other supplies to someone who couldn’t afford to participate in a program like this.

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i really like this idea. i will talk to the team, we have no financial issues and i am pretty sure that there is a food pantry somewhere in town we could donate it to

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Seems like First already had a decent plan with the China teams on Jan 30:

Three options for their additional play:
ď‚· Move their registration to a future make-up event (default), or
ď‚· Move their registration to another regional event (subject to sponsor approval if applicable), or ď‚· Cancel their additional play

FIRST is evaluating options for reallocating Championship advancement slots from the postponed events to the 2021 FIRST Championship, pending available capacity and other considerations…

This seems like a course they may take for later this season. Fingers crossed. My suggestion is one of the Championships in 2021 be for ~600 teams like the old Championship for Infinite recharge … this would satisfy this season makeup champ.

The other Championship for the 2021 new game next year with ~600 teams. Like the old Championship. That would be a fair outcome and add extra excitement.

In essence teams in weeks 1-2 and second half of 2020… go to 1
Teams that play in first half of 2021 …go to 2 win/win same # of slots

My two cents on salvaging a season and letting teams compete for both.

Going to mimic/agree with what Nick from 33 said.

We met last night and decided to keep at it as long as we are allowed to be in our build space, we will meet as usual and keep the momentum going. We are a year round team anyway, just things are now a bit different that our normal schedule obviously!

A list of goals were made for our robot as well as other projects that we could get done in the mean time. We want to make sure that should events come back we will be ready to go.

Agree that if you can meet, you should. Keep going on improvements and find other projects as well that may keep the team together and busy.

We are doing the exact same thing.
If there is a reboot of this game in 2021 instead, you can be sure we will look very similar to some successful teams this season. :slight_smile:

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