pot sensor selection

does anyone recommend a pot sensor that i can use for a control module to know the exact position of a smaller control to control the robot. i saw it done a few years back where they have a small mockup of their bot and whenever itw as moved the real bot moved accordingly and i want to apply it to a testing module for another project. thanks guys

What kind of pot are you looking for? (I mean I know you need 100kOhm for the RC/OI) Single Turn or Multi-Turn??


This company has some nice ones that digikey sells.

These might do it as well.

DON"T BUY AUDIO POTS!!! (they aren’t linear and will do strange things w/ the OI/RC)

Take a look at the second link above. That page has a variety of pots but I would stick with those that have a 1/4" shaft diameter with a long shaft If you are using it for operator control you will want some method of supporting the shaft so that a overzealous operator doesn’t bend it into a modern object d’ art. Stay away from mutliturn pots or those with screw driver shafts. You need 100K for the OI interface wired as shown in the OI manual. The OI monitors the it’s inputs and if it believes a joystick has become unplugged it sends a PWM 127 to the appropriate RC channel. Similar pots are available from Mouser and some are available at Radio Shack. Be advised that not all stores keep the same stock in the store.

We used these pots last year. They aren’t that expensive either.

We got them from Radio Shack Part # 271-092

You will want to call ahead of time to see if they have any in stock.

The OI needs 100k pots. There are a variety out there, be sure to choose Linear or “B” taper. Mostly you will want to choose a pot for its mechanical configuration, electrically they are all (nominally) the same. (More expensive pots are more reliable and have a longer life, but the $1 “Alpha” brand pots at Mouser are OK too)

On the robot, try for 2.5 K or 5 K ohm pots, the RC reads those best.


thanks guys. unfortunately radio shacks in new orleans no longer exist but that helps so that i can order online thanks alot, does anyone know if any team has extra vic’s that i can purchase. i used to be in first but i go to tulane university and because of funding (hurricanes) the school can’t afford much for projects and I am having to foot the bill. any team that might be able to help me would be great