Potato guns

So who has a potato gun?

Ive got two, both combustion. One is just over three feet long and the other is around 8.5 feet long. The little one has had all the kinks worked out of it and actually works better than the big one as of now. My fuel of choice is cheap hairspray.

Please put up pics if you got’em, ill have some of mine up soon.

I have a potato gun, too. I call it my spud gun, but that’s just me. It is 3 feet long, ABS pipe, 1 1/2" diameter barrel. It uses engine starter spray, the stuff that you spray into the car’s air filter on cold mornings. I think it is called ether, and it works great. :smiley:

Wow, i figured that there would be more spudgunners amongst all these engineers.

I used to want a potato gun, but after seeing what can happen I really don’t think I want one anymore.

The whole idea is cool tough. :slight_smile: Launching stuff can be pretty cool.

As long as you are methodical about putting it together and follow all the general safety rules and are using a tame fuel (hairspray) there is no more chance of hurting yourself then any other activity involving firearms. Your more likely to hurt someone else than yourself and thats only if your doing something stupid.

I have 3 guns capable of launchncing starchy vegatables. with varraying levels of sucess. one with a small cumbustor chamber one with Direct propane injection and one With CO2. The Co2 gun is by far the easiest and most powerfull of the three. the direct propane injection is nice but requires hours and hours of tweeking to get the fuel/Air mixture right. and the one with the small combustor chamber was such a pain that i suddenly became very dumb. and shook up about 8 ounces of high-grade gasoline up in the chamber along with propane and lit the mixture from the rear of the gun thinking that i could close it off fafter than the fire could escape. CLearly i was incorrect. And ended up in the emergency room being treated gor second degree burns ofer the top of my hand. there is no comparison i can even imagine to the ammount of pain there is from that burn. so istick with my co2 cannon. its very easy yo use, the other night we werre shooting clear through computer cases and old laptops with it. its all fun but still very dangerous so be carefull before you do anything stupid.

My Scout troop has 3, all about 5-foot long PVC. Fuel: hairspray.


Our Mechanical Captain actually made one during the build season. It was really powerful though; almost crossed a football field and even more. :ahh:

I’m gonna be building one once school gets out (last class is Friday morning). I want something to mess around with when I get bored and to play with when I have my bonfire this summer.

God i feel like a retard, how do I put pictures in?

That picture of someone holding a potato cannon on their shoulder should be on the Darwin Awards website. PLEASE do not hold a potato cannon next to your head when you fire it. About 10 feet away with an electrical switch is about minimum. Behind a row of sandbags would be better.

I especially disapprove of holding the combustion chamber :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: next to the head. Really, really dumb. Really.

Disclaimer: my son and I own and operate a small cannon. I’ve never held it next to my head. I have talked to owners of exploded cannons.

got 1 fuel=hairspray it has about a 3 inch barrel, and can launch a potato 200-300 yards

ive got two… one big combustion gun and a nice pneumatic one with a switchable barrel, i even have a toilet paper launcher attachment! fun stuff! :slight_smile:

Is it possible to make a t-shirt launcher attachment for a spud gun? That would be a really cool. :smiley:

why yess it is. my co2 gun can tak any size PVC including 4" witch is a good size roll for a tshirt. af course mine are Armor Penitrating T-shirts at close range.

Seriously, how do I put a picture in my post?

I’ve owned both a combustible and a pneumatic, I liked the pneumatic better and thought that it seemed safer (I can’t really tell); it was at least easier to use.

A few websites I’ve enjoyed (and still have bookmarked).

PVC Ballistics
Spudgun Technology Center

I don’t have one, but I’m looking into making one. It’s next up on my list after making nitrogen triiodide, flash powder, and more gunpowder for 4th of July. (I’ve decided that fireworks prices are highway robbery) However, if I’m in Canada for the 1st, I won’t be doing anything at all like that.

[quote=lukevanoort]It’s next up on my list after making nitrogen triiodide, flash powder, and more gunpowder for 4th of July.


:ahh: WHAT?!?![/quote]


I have several guns, but my favorite is my latest creation.

Fuel: Propane
Combustion Chamber: 4"Dx18"L
Interchangeable Barrels: 2"Dx3.5’L, 2"Dx6.5’L, 1.5"Dx4’L, 1.5"Dx6’L, all barrels have functional muzzle breaks.
Igniter: Lantern Flint

As for the safety of air over combustion… my air cannon was the only one to ever explode on me, and as long as proper construction techniques and materials are used, everything should be fine.

I did the calculations for the MAXIMUM IDEAL PRESSURE generated by the perfect combustion of propane and air… 132psi, well within the 220psi operational limit of the Sched 40 PVC I use.