Potential MVRT(115) Design...

This is a first cut of the front page.

Sat down and tried to finish the design, did most of the front page and couldn’t stand it anymore… so I’m going to ask for some feedback now…

I am mostly looking for constructive commentary such as “The main box with the photo of the robot is too pale a shade of purple/blue” or, “I like the visual identity created by the yellow header”. Tell me specifically what you like or dislike, and I will be considerably happier.

But failing that, I’d love a pat on the back and a thumbs up… if only for the ego-stroking/motivational effects…

The only thing I see that can use a change (and it is probably just because it is a screenshot smaller than my webpage viewing capabilities) is the size of the text on the top words (home,team, etc.)I would have to see the actual page fill up the woel screen to judge that…

Other than that it looks pretty cool.

I think it looks very good.

However (lol… you knew that was coming), I don’t like how there’s a solid yellow box behind Monta Vista Robotics at the top. It doesn’t fit with the striped yellow behind it. Either remove the box and just have the text on the striped yellow, or give it a design and blend it into the striped yellow.

Oh, and i’ll ditto the suggestion to make the main links a smiggen larger :wink:

Aside from those two things though, I REALLY like it!!

Nice work,


I’m going to agree that something needs to be done with the yellow box, but I do like the box there. I think that if you do decide to keep it, it should be more pronounced. Make it stand out by changing the color a little bit more that the background. I’d suggest darkening it because it is in the forground, but play around with it and see what looks best.

Oh, and ditto on the links at the top.

Try number two…

Ah, that’s a lot nicer looking. The sort of grey pattern behind the FIRST logo is good, too, because it really doesn’t match with that yellow background.

Actually, can you EXTEND that grey pattern so it goes behind the rest of the yellow background? Just have it start fading in about halfway over and it would bring the whole bar together.

I assume you’re going to slice this up in photoshop? or are these screenshots of it actually rendered in a browser?

I’d recommend darkening up the background images behind the three sections you have there. They’re a little too dim (on my moniter anyway, it’s kind of wierd about color).

I have sliced and diced it (more like cropped and saved but I digress)… the MVRT site should have the new template, but apparently its down? So check out http://darkwulf.antietem.com/layouts/mvrt/ for the HTML-ized version.

As for the background images on the three sections, they’re supposed to be very dim… that way you can read the text. (I’d love to make them brighter, but people were complaining that they couldn’t read the text…)

Hmm pretty nice.

I’d still darken those images up a little bit. To me they’re barely visable at all, the reminder is a <!>, the upcoming isn’t clear at all, and suggested reading is a globe?

Again, maybe it’s my monitor, but I think they’d look better a smidge darker.

A minor quip: the entire page isn’t the full height of my browser in 1024x768, but the Copyright image is designed to go on the bottom, and the side shadows extend the entire height of the page to my status bar. Maybe you want a big div somewhere height=100% or something to push that bar down to the bottom? Of course, if you eventually add more stuff to those bar it’ll push it down anyway.

What a great design. This is the first good looking FIRST team site I’ve ever seen. A couple things: you may want to say {font-family: “Gill Sans MT”, “Gill Sans”, sans-serif;} since the Gill Sans on Mac OS X at least is just called Gill Sans. Maybe even specify whether you want to fall back to Arial or Verdana. Also your background is screwy (see attachment.)

Good job man! Are you going to steal those two trophies from me;)
Make sure you port the extensive gallery section i had built for the older sites. I have the full backup for the old mvrt site. IF you need it let me know.

In case you were wondering… the MVRT website is temporarily at http://mvrt.wellnow.net/