Potential new Southern California (Antelope Valley) off-season

To our friends in the Southern California area (and beyond): some of the teams in the Antelope Valley area are thinking about planning an off-season event here. We are starting to assess whether there would be enough interest to be able to support an Antelope Valley off-season.

Right now we have two questions:

  1. Would you be interested in attending an off-season event in the Antelope Valley?
  2. If so, do you have a preference for a fall vs. spring event?

Thanks for your feedback!

We’re looking interested down here, but we’d be wanting a few more details.

Eric, what type of information would you be looking for - dates, cost, specific location, etc?

Something in the ballpark of dates, and maybe registration info.

I think another off-season event in the Fall would be most welcome.

A lot of teams need time to “decompress” from the official season. Also, a Fall event allows incoming freshmen to learn about FRC.

You should avoid certain dates: other off-season events (Fall Classic: Sep 26-27, Battle at the Border: TBD, MadTown Throwdown: 1st/2nd week of Nov, CalGames: mid-Oct?) and SAT/PSAT test dates: Oct 10?, Oct 17?, Nov 7?.

If you need help organizing the event, PM me. I’ve been involved in organizing the Fall Classic since 2008.

Good luck!

If you build it, they will come.

Just keep it reasonable in as many aspects as possible.

Thanks David. I was leaning toward fall myself, but we want to select whatever time will bring the most teams together. That certainly means planning around other off-seasons and SATs.

I’ve planned Regionals and District competitions before, but this would be my first time planning an off-season. We are having our first formal discussion this weekend, and we are starting to scout venues next week. Depending on what comes of our research (will we be able to get an event running successfully for fall 2016), I may take you up on your offer for help. Thanks!

Why not make it an official event? CA is in desperate need of more regionals.

I inquired about that possibility with the Southern California Regional Director. I was told that there are no plans to add any additional regionals to Southern California for 2016. I don’t think 2017+ has been decided yet.

grimace I think there might have been one or two open spots at Ventura. That’s it for SoCal spots last year. I’m REALLY kind of hoping that that decision isn’t set in stone…

Back to your regularly-scheduled offseason thread…

Team 4 would definitely be interested in attending! We would also be able to provide field elements (feeder stations, etc.) if need be, and of course, we’d be able to provide volunteers.

Team 696 may be interested in attending. More details needed.

Thanks for the input, everyone! I will share an update with real details after we get some of the logistics figured out.

The Robodox, Team 599 are also interested!

With this being a SoCal event and CalGames being a NorCal event, I don’t see any problems with scheduling them during the same time period.

Also while Throwdown is in the Central Valley, a majority of the teams come from NorCal or the Central Valley, so it wouldn’t be that much of a scheduling conflict (that being said, we always love having a variety of teams at our event, and more SoCal teams would be a nice addition :wink: ).

Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback. We are aiming to hold our first Antelope Valley off-season in summer 2016. We will provide additional details closer to that time!