Potential Recruiting Tip

If you’re like us, you have a lot of unused game pieces from years prior taking up space somewhere in the back of your shop. If you bought a lot of fuel this year, it will soon join the collection, and the space it consumes adds up quickly if you have more than just a few.

We decided to use our fuel as giveaways - we wrote our team info and meeting schedule on each fuel, and as part of a demo where we shoot the fuel, we then give the fuel to interested incoming freshmen in exchange for their contact information. While it’s too early to know the final results of this, so far the response has been positive. Students who take fuel have something tangible to remember us by and they won’t forget when the meetings are. And as an additional upside, we won’t use as much space storing our fuel for the next ten years :slight_smile:

YMMV, but if you do any demos with your Steamworks robot this fall, you might find it helpful.

If you want to do this but don’t have enough fuel on hand, AndyMark has sweetened their $53 for a case of 36 fuel sale by tossing in a $20 AM gift certificate, so they’re really about 92 cents each (before shipping).

If you want to go big time, gears are only $5 today (today only)!

If you want to scale down or recruit for FTC, you can get FTC baseballs about 4 to the dollar or golf balls for 6 to the dollar in quantities of 60 or more by taking the extra 50% bulk discount here.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for AndyMark, but the good folks there have done me some good turns.

When your robot doesn’t have a shooter so you can’t do this. :frowning: