Potential Regional Sites

Jadwin Gym @ Princeton University. The place might as well have been built for a FIRST regional.

The picture you see is taken from the stands. In the foreground is the basketball court (one or two playing field(s)). In the background is the track (think pit & practice field space), which you can’t see because there is some sort of a reception going on in the picture. All the stands front the basketball court, and there are about 5000 seats in all (that’s a very rough estimate, and probably a low one). Parking is usually plentiful in the lot behind Jadwin

Nobody is really using this place regularly after the basketball season ends. Add to that the fact that Princeton University wants to beef up their engineering program and late March is a great time/place to advertise to students…

Whenever the contract with Sovereign Bank Arena expires, FIRST and the organizers of the NJ regional ought to look into making a deal with the local Ivy League University.

I was impressed with SBPLI’s new venue (Hofstra arena). Nice seating and field setup, although the pits were a bit crowded. However, I’d like to see it across the street at Nassau Coliseum (~18,000 seats) some day. I mean, it’s not unheard of for a Regional to take over a hockey arena…BAE does it at the moment (Verizon Wireless Arena, ~10,000 seats). Granted, SBPLI has only about 2/3 the number of teams as BAE and 18,000 seats is overkill for any regional, but I think FIRST deserves pro arena status and the publicity/attention that goes with it wherever it can get it. ::imagines the day when all regionals are in pro arenas:: (Plus, I don’t think the NHL is using it at the moment…)

I live just down the road from Princeton and I must agree that Jadwin is a perfect place for a competition. My only concern would be its size…it’s been a little while since I’ve been there but would 40-50 pit areas fit in that space behind the basketball court? If they would then I’m all for it :slight_smile:


Hec Ed. Key Arena. Even the Tacoma Dome, which is in Tacoma, not Seattle, but it’s close enough.

There’s no reason the Pacific Northwest can’t support two regionals. Maybe we could attract some Korean and Japanese teams. We’re a lot closer than California…

I’m still wishing for a Boston Regional. Not sure if there will be one soon. Since there are 3 in NY, one in NH and another in CT all of which aren’t too far away. They could hold it at the same place as Beantown Blitz at NU.

Yeah Boston would be awsome for a regional, but I doubt they’ll get one. It just seems all the northeast teams as it is compete at just one local regional then spread out across the country. If Boston did get a regional that would probably become the hardest place to win in the nation. I think the city would attract a lot teams to stay in New England instead of going elsewhere and I’m sure some midwest teams might take the advantage to compete here against some excellent teams like WPI, Buzz, Sie-H20-bots, Techno-Ticks, Geal Force and also look at some of Boston’s best colleges. It’s really a spot FIRST could do well with, I just don’t see 7 regionals within driving distance of Hartford/Springfield/Eastern NY.

As long as UTC is the sponsor of New England it will stay in Hartford or in Connecticut somewhere considering this is where UTC has all their major plants for each company.

NH being where FIRST was founded and the location of the HQ that regional will never be moved.

I’ve only been in FIRST for two years, I just don’t know how many regionals FIRST will expand to. This year I saw more regionals than I’d expect that had several open spots, especially with the cost to attend second and third regionals and travel.

I know nothing. :rolleyes:

Washington DC!
Theres the MCI center for one. Not to mention several universities and colleges in the surrounding area that might be interested. GMU, GW, Georgetown (although their basketball is played at the MCI center, so that kinda goes back to the MCI center), ect. There are a ton of teams in greater washington area now. Even though there are 2 regionals within a 2 hour drive of DC, there definately are enough teams to support a 3rd. Some regionals dont even have 40 teams attend them, both Chesepeake and VCU had more than 55 (56 for Chesepeake, 62 or 63 for VCU). I know a few of the Richmond area teams are willing to drive up to DC for the building museum scrimmage, so they’d probably be willing to attend the DC regional as well. Not to mention the growing number of DC, N. Va, and Md teams that could also support it. If the building museum is willing to support a scrimmage, they’d probably be willing to sponsor a team social as well.
If DC doesn’t get a regional, I know of at least 2 Virginia universities who are at least mildly interested in sponsoring a 2nd Virginia regional (Va has 55 teams after all). The UVa dean of engineering is jealous of VCU’s regional, but I highly doubt the Dean down in Blacksburg would let UVa get the next regional without a fight.

As for Boston becoming the toughest regional, it still wouldnt be as good as the midwest regional, or Purdue.

Another Texas Regional would be great due to the distance separating teams. Maybe Dallas or Austin, University Support from a major University System would definitely push the case and location. Erwin Center or Wells Fargo Arena, anyone interested in such a location, please post or send me an email.

However, there are not enough teams in the area to spur a regional, but it definitely could be a potential site.

My mother and I were at Miami University and saw their basketball arena, and well, as we thought, it made the VCU Siegel center look like a POS. Man, it was nice, big, and lots of parking. Only problem is that there are two regionals less than a day drive away from it (Boilermaker & Buckeye).

I’m still wishing for a Boston Regional. Not sure if there will be one soon. Since there are 3 in NY, one in NH and another in CT all of which aren’t too far away. They could hold it at the same place as Beantown Blitz at NU.

Hmmm… I heard from a very reliable source that Dean Kamen actually wants a Boston regional. Beyond that I can’t say.

The NVA/DC metro area would be a great place for a regional, but there are no obvious locations that I can think of. The GMU Patriot Center is not big enough for a regional, unless they have a LOT of extra floor space hidden in the back for the pits. The seats are all nonmovable. The MCI center appears to be the same way.
The DC Convention Center has the space, but not the seating.

An interesting side note, the MCI Center and the Patriot Center have the same website.


you think she is up to something for 2006?!?! =X

I would recommend that before you jump the gun on what regions need new regionals, maybe focus on what areas don’t already have them that could use them more.

Boston has already been mentioned, and I can see that there are so many teams in that one area, despite nearby regionals, there is nothing in state. Good idea to fix.

However, geographically, what areas are developing right now in each region that really need the consideration of a new regional, and need suggestions? I don’t pretend to be the most informed about it, but look at Wisconsin…

:wink: Anybody got suggestions in Milwaukee for something great? From what I hear, that state not only has some extremely awesome teams arleady, but has at least 8 or 9 rookies in the works for next year. I’d definitly want to see a regional location up there. Feel free to check out the thread about the possible regional as well.

I love Jadwin, it’s a great location, and it certainly is a big venue, but I like Sovereign Bank. It’s nice to have a practice field and SPACE in the pit area. I’m worried that things would get too cramped at Princeton’s venue.

A Boston regional would be cool, but then think about how many crammed northeast regionals there would be. It’s a great idea, and maybe if we get many more east coast teams it should be expanded on. But I think right now, what FIRST has is great.

There are quite a few college basketball courts that put VCU’s court to shame. But VCU was probably my favorite regional in the past two years I have been in FIRST.

I would really be up for a Boston regional.

Milwaukee has good potential sites for a regional. My best bet would that it would be held at the US Cellular Arena (http://www.uscellulararena.com/). This is the home of the UW - Milwaukee Panthers Basketball Teams, the Milwaukee Admirals AHL Hockey Team, Milwaukee Wave Indoor Soccer, and many other events.

It is located right downtown next to several hotels and it has enough space for the pits and field. It would proabably be set up like many regionals are, with the field and pits all on the arena floor seperated by a barrier.

There is a bunch of stuff to do in Milwaukee and all the teams here would sure welcome a regional closer to home. We shall see what will happen for next year.

Wouldn’t the biggest thing to look at when looking at new sites for a regional be the funding? Without sponsors a regional might be a little more difficult. But then again many of the after season events didn’t have big sponsors for a while.


a great '07 loaction would be Provo or Salt Lake City in Utah. There are planty of available arenas with the proper preparation, and I’m sure that BYU and UofU would start some teams with a regional so close. Also, teams from nevada, cloroado, even cali and texas could go. It would be a pretty good spot i think :smiley:

I’d like to eventually see another Canadian regional, but on the west coast. We have two in Ontario now, which is awesome, but with new teams being added every year on the Canadian west coast I think a regional there would be awesome.