Potentiometer and Encoder Readings HELP

Hi all,

We are having trouble figuring out how to read the potentiometer and encoder data on the driver station. We are not sure if it has something to do with setting up the I/O (Configuring the Digital I/O).

We have in our code this statement that constructs the encoders:

Here is the line that gets the encoder values:
m_LeftEncoder.Get(), m_RightEncoder.Get()

Here is the line that gets the potentiometer values:
double raw value = (double) ds->GetAnalogIn(1);

…do I understand you to mean you are trying to do digital and analog input through the cypress board and driver station? In that case, are you using the dsEnhancedIO?

No, we are just trying to read data to the “user messages” on driver station… we were wondering if we had to set up the I/O to be able to receive the info from the potentiometer and the encoders.