Potentiometer Wiring

How do you do it? I’ve been told you have to make a weatstone bridge. any diagrams or FIRST specific advice would be great. We got tired of trying to read the optical encoders. We want to use POTS. THANKS!

You want to hook up +5V (red) from the Analog Breakout to one end, GND (black) to the other and the Signal pin (white) to the wiper.

The wiper will then read an analog voltage that should be at or near 0V on one end of the potentiometer range and at or near 5V at the other.

Not to toot my own horn, but I wrote this for FRC teams, I hope it can be of some help to you:

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Great explanation and instructions.

For those wanting a source of precision pots, they actually have them at McMaster Carr! They call then “Variable Output Switches” if you can believe that. They are on page 856 of the current catalog.

While the catalog doesn’t make it clear, they have pots of differing resistance. When you call your order in, they will ask what resistance you want.

The one-turn pot goes something less than 360 degrees, but more than what you see on the usual pot. We’re using a 5 turn pot on our arm’s gear box geared to make good use of the arm’s range.