Potentiometer with BS2

I was wondering how I would hook up a potentiometer to a BS2 and how I would program it to read the input. Microcontrollers and programming are really not my thing but I need to do this for a project I’m working on. Thanks.

Are you talking about hooking it up to one of the old robot controllers (or to its operator interface) or in some other kind of project in which you are using a BS2?

Just a BS2, no IFI stuff.

Check FotoPlasma’s message below.

You’ll need a A/D converter. The BS2 (or the project boards) doesn’t include one. I’m not sure how you wire it to the BS2, though. Check Parallax’s Website.

While it may be true that the BS2[add arbitrary suffix here] doesn’t have an A/D converter, it does have the capability to measure a variable resistor. In the manual, check out the instruction POT (for the BS1) or the instruction RCTIME (for the BS2 and higher).

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot. That does help. I had seen that POT command before but seeing it was only for the BS1, I thought I wasout of luck. But RCTIME seems to be what I’m looking for. My end goal is to have the BS2 take a potentiometer reading in, and give a PULSOUT that is directly proportional to what the input is.

If you are using an Innovation First RC, you just hook the potentiometer up as an analog sensor, and you’re good to go, right?


Yes, if you are using a Innovation FIRST RC, then you’re fine…