I have a B10k potentiometer and need to find a way to connect it to a gearbox any advice helps.

What is the type of gearbox, and does it need to go in any specific location, that’s too open ended of a question to answer effectively

Also most B10k pots are not continuous rotation, so that may be an issue, also pots period are not really optimized for continuous rotation, an encoder may suit you better, unless this is for a turret or rotary axis on a swerve drive module.

The gearbox has a 60 tooth 20 dp gear and a 12 tooth 20 dp gear the motor is a neo.

thanks for the help

What type of gearbox though, a toughbox, one of the vex gearboxes, a custom solution of some sort, if possible please post a Pic of it in the intended location or use case, just so we can get a spatial sense of what you need

The gearbox is custom

Can’t you get feedback from the NEO for positioning? It’ll be a bit more coarse than an encoder or a pot, but it should be built in already?

That’s what I was about to mention, the neo has a built in encoder, but if you can’t use that, I would mount it right under the neo on the end of the shaft protruding, design a 3d printed mount that can bolt to the backplate and attach to the pot to put it in line with the shaft, and then either design a coupler to join the pot and the hex shaft, or bore a hole in the end of the hex shaft and insert a thin rod, approximately 1/8 inch, but make it oversized, and lathe it down till it is perfectly concentric, and then use that shaft to interface with the pot, I’ve done this second method with quite a few encoders, and it is definitely my prefered method to ensure perfect accuracy and solid mounting

I mean, the obvious solution would be to use some sort of shaft coupler and connect the back end of the drive shaft directly to the Potentiometer. If you have access to a 3D Printer, such couplers could be easily made that way.